Wiz Khalifa Deep Sleep Download

Wiz Khalifa Deep Sleep Download Mp3

How you gon’ be cold as us?Your kush ain’t rolled upYour cars ain’t old enough

Wiz Khalifa Deep Sleep Download

Champagne ain’t cold enoughMoney still fold upYou ain’t buying no clubsYou ain’t getting no loveBut my niggas so thugYou ain’t getting thrown upSmell me when I roll upI glow like LeroyMy fro like Sho’ NuffCan’t get poured upEverything slowed upFuck niggas hate usRich niggas know usI’m riding with gangstasSo I don’t need no cupI’m drinking out the bottleRiding with the top downSmoking on A.CTwenty five thousand‘Bout to blow it out in A.CNiggas join us cause they can’t beat usAin’t nann nigga play meKeep talking them poundsI’m blowing that dailyI’m smoking that good reeferMy eyes all lazyNiggas see me getting that moneySo they look at me crazyMy niggas out here stuntingDoing drugs all maineyI’m buying brand new cars and shitI get high all day, I ain’t coming downThe tweak is heavy, it’s going ’roundRolling up airplanes, bout to catch an airplaneRiding in my old-school, listening to old schoolDoing it how a G’s supposed to doIt’s getting cold, I might close the roofMade it up to first class, staying in first classRemember when I ain’t have first class, now I’m the only nigga in first classStarted with a bus pass, then I copped a old-schoolNow I got so many cars, I ain’t got enough roomTwenty mil and got more to goRoll some weed and then roll some mo’I’m just going insane trying to figure you out, baby

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  • Wiz Khalifa Deep Sleep [Prod. By ID Labs] free mp3 download and stream.

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