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Microsoft Windows Longhorn is the successor of Windows XP and later known as Microsoft Windows Vista. This free download is standalone ISO installer of Windows Longhorn for both 32bit and 64bit architecture. Page 1 of 2 - Longhorn Reloaded - The Original Longhorn Operating System - posted in Windows Old: Longhorn Reloaded is a Project dedicated to the revival of the Operating System known as Code Name 'Longhorn'. To put the projects aims simply, we aim to finish off what Microsoft started before the operating system was canceled. Here is my video tutorial on how to install Windows Longhorn Build 4074 in Virtualbox! Virtualbox: WinRAR. Longhorn (Windows Code Name), Windows Vista Install Instructions Click the Download button at the top of this page to start the download, or choose a different language from the drop-down list and click Change.

Microsoft Corp. has forced developers to close down a project aimed at reviving the original Windows client code-named 'Longhorn.'

According to a blog posting on the site maintained by developers on the project -- called 'Longhorn Reloaded' -- Microsoft sent a 'cease and desist' letter to the project leaders asking them to shut it down shortly after the team posted the first release of the project online.

'It deeply saddens me that although Microsoft have known about this project for many months they only issued us with this notice a few days after we started to distribute' the first release, according to a post earlier this month on joejoe.org.Community. 'I am just as sorry as you guys are about this, but we got [sic] to think about the community as a whole first.'

Longhorn Reloaded Milestone 1 was released May 19 on the project's Web site, but the post informing users the project has shut down said download links and any threads about the project will no longer be active.

Through its public relations firm, Microsoft said that though the company 'actively encourages and supports independent developers to take advantage of the features available in our platform to create their own applications and services,' the Longhorn Reloaded project violated Windows end-user licensing.

Windows enthusiasts decided to pick up where Microsoft left off with Longhorn's development in October 2006. Microsoft had originally called the client release that became Windows Vista 'Longhorn,' but switched development plans and names mid project, though the company continued to use the Longhorn name for the next Windows Server release. That release has since been renamed officially to Windows Server 2008.

Windows longhorn reloadedReloaded

Windows Longhorn Reloaded

The Longhorn Reloaded began the project with a build called Windows 6.0.4074, which Microsoft released at its Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in 2004. Microsoft never said it actually abandoned the Longhorn client, and many predicted that when the Longhorn Reloaded project began it likely would run afoul of Microsoft's legal department.

Windows Longhorn Reloaded Iso Download Full

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