Windows 10 Iso Download Trick
  1. Windows 10 Iso Download 64-bit Free

If you want to download the Windows 10 ISO a Google search will lead you to which will require you to use the Media Creation Tool to download the ISO.

While it’s easy to download the official Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft, you can only download the Pro or Home version. Windows 10 S is just not available on the same page. Download Windows 10 ISO File. In order to download the Windows 10 S ISO file, you need to visit this page on the official Microsoft website. Download Windows 10 ISO without Media Creation Tool Recently Microsoft has stopped users from accessing the Windows 10 ISO Direct Download page. When you will click on the links below, you will be automatically redirected to download the Media Creation Tool.

There is, in fact, an easy way to download the full ISO from that page directly, without the intermediate step of the Media Creation Tool. This is how:

It turns out Microsoft offers a direct download page when the page is loaded from a non-Windows 10 device, so simply pretending you are using an iPad will let you access the same page from your Windows 10 PC.

Browse to in Edge, press F12 and select Emulation from the menu available.

Select Apple Safari (iPad) from the User Agent String. The page will reload and offer you the ability to download the Windows 10 Disc Image.

Choose which version of the ISO you want to download it, choose 32 bit or 64 bit, click download and bobs your uncle.

When you close the F12 Developer Tool Page Edge will revert back to normal.

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Windows 10 Iso Download 64-bit Free