1. Why Won't My Steam Game Download
  2. Why Wont My Steam Games Download
  3. Games Won't Download On Steam
  4. Why Wont My Steam Game Download Free

STEAM won't install I purchased COD MS2 and when I attempt to install STEAM, either from the Game CD or from the direct d/l from the STEAM site, I get nothing. I have updated my video drivers to the latest and am running Vista 64 bit.

Why Won't My Steam Game Download

I want to format my pc, so I need to back up my games on steam and I cannot back up until they are up-to-date. Now steam does not want to update my game, it needs 91.9 MB and steam gets up to 58.1 MB and just decides to stop downloading.

The update is not paused, steam doesn't pause the update, just gets stuck at 58.1 MB and says 13% complete. It's not my internet connection, I have tried re-installing steam and restarting my pc. I cannot re-install the game as it is 17Gig or something ridiculous.


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As your primary concern is to take backup of games you can directly Copy the Whole steam folder located in c:/Program files/ to a HDD. This will do the same job you , to restore you just copy it in again from HDD to program files and open steam, steam will again download the client and then you can try to update the game . Also as you mentioned steam backup it is not quite reliable , I once tried but Had to download whole 16 GB game again! Above method works flawlessly!

Shubham WaghShubham Wagh

There are a couple of things you could try, from the Steam Solving Download and Game Installs support page:

Try launching the stalled game by double clicking it. This may allow the download to finish.

If the issue persists, please double check your current download region:

  • Start Steam
  • Go to Steam > Settings > Downloads tab
  • Under Download region, select the region that you are in or that is closest to you.
  • You can also try various regions near your location to see if a better connection is available.

The issue is usually from a router interfering with the download process. Please unplug your router and connect your computer directly to your internet connection to test the issue.

If this corrects the issue, please resolve the router issue using this guide: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

Make sure your Internet Connection setting is correct for your current connection: In the Steam application, Click Steam > Settings > Downloads tab and make sure the speed is correct, as incorrect settings may affect your Steam downloads.

You can also try clearing your download cache.

Or the issue could be due to another program interfering with Steam. Please complete these guides to further test the issue:


Now steam does not want to update my game, it needs 91.9 MB and steam gets up to 58.1 MB and just decides to stop downloading.


Depending on the type of content steam may just download 'patches', chunk of content that needs to be applied to your files. That way, it may appears that steam stopped downloading but it is actually working on updating the files.

Steam also use an algorithm to compress the downloaded data, which then needs to be uncompressed locally. Be sure that when steam stop downloading, nothing else is going on (no cpu activity, no hard drive activity) - in short, be certain that the problem is your network. If it is not the network, then all you need to do is wait for steam to finish its job.

If it is a network issue, then follow Nzali recommendations.


Why Wont My Steam Games Download

Why Wont My Steam Game Download

Games Won't Download On Steam


Why Wont My Steam Game Download Free

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