1. Why I Can Not Download Torrent File Free
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  3. Why I Can Not Download Torrent File Free
  4. Why I Can Not Download Torrent File Download

I recently tried to download a few torrents from various sites and found that the file extension of all the files I try to download is .exe, which neither transmission nor vuze nor I know what to do with. This does not happen on all sites, but it seems to be the case on all the better/more popular ones. I am aware of the recent shift from torrent files to magnet links and have used magnet links before with no problem. I've searched and searched the web for anyone else having this problem, and the one time someone did seem to be, he was told it must be a virus, and that was as far as the conversation went. Can anyone help me and explain what's going on? Thank you!

  1. Can't download torrent files from kickass using IE. If I try to download a torrent file from kickass using IE 11, it just opens up a page with a bunch of garbled text. Works fine with Firefox.
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  3. In this video, we learn how to use an ISO file after downloading a torrent. First, download Daemon Tools from Daemon Tools. After you install this on your computer, open it up. Then, find your ISO file and mount it through your computer. When you use the Daemon Tools, make sure it finishes downloading before you open it up.

You would want to download a torrent client program. Most new computers don't come with one. It is said that you can find lots and lots of torrent client programs in.

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A number of sites are distributing torrents within a small downloader program. So you do not have to face the unspeakable horror of having a client program.

Downsides include:Does not work on non-windows machines.Can be used to install malware.Cannot be used to add additional trackers / peers to a torrent you are already downloading.

I have tried, without success, to find a way to download the .exe and extract the tracker information so it can be used in a client. Either the information is encrypted, compressed or a code is used to download the torrent after you run the exe.


I'm afraid I can only suggest what you found already. It's a virus (or at least some sort of malware). Are you sure the 'better/more popular ones' sites you're downloading from are the correct ones? Check the URL. Check with somebody you know, has the correct one.

Alternatively, check what you're clicking on. Many sites have other things to download. Stuff they get a commission on per install - advertising.

Make sure you're selecting the torrent file to download or magnet link. Sites can be sneaky and include things that might look like others.

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If you wish to execute a .exe (alias: PE) on Linux, use Wine (Wine repository).
Use unsupported Windows software by installing it in a Virtual Machine.
Important: executables have the potential to infect your system, scan with ClamAV and download FOSS from your OS repository if possible.
Cracked installers may contain unwanted hidden software, never give them sensitive informations.

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·Restore Point:

Do System Restore in Safe Mode, if unable to do it in Normal Mode.

Try tapping F8 at startup, and from the list of startup selections, select Safe Mode by using UP Arrow Key to go there > then hit Enter.
Try a System Restore once there, to pick a Restore Point before your problem..
Click Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > pick a different time > Next > etc

And follow these steps:

Besides using an anti-virus, also scan for Malware/spyware:

Malwarebytes is as the name says, a Malware Remover!

Download the Free Version from the link above.

Download, install, update and scan once a fortnight..

Why I Can Not Download Torrent File Free

How to use Malwarebytes after it is installed and Updated:
1. Open Malwarebytes > Click on the Update Tab across the top> get the latest updates.
2. On the Scanner tab, make sure the the Perform quick scan option is selected and then click on the Scan button to start scanning your computer
3. MBAM will now start scanning your computer for malware. This process can take quite a while.
4. When the scan is finished a message box will appear
5. You should click on the OK button to close the message box and continue with the Malwareremoval process.
6. You will now be back at the main Scanner screen. At this point you should click on the Show Results button.
7. A screen displaying all the malware that the program found will be shown
8. You should now click on the Remove Selected button to remove all the listed malware. MBAM will now delete all of the files and registry keys and add them to the programs quarantine. When removing the files, MBAM may require a reboot in order to remove some of them. If it displays a message stating that it needs to reboot, please allow it to do so. Once your computer has rebooted, and you are logged in, please continue with the rest of the steps.
9. When MBAM has finished removing the malware, it will open the scan log and display it in Notepad. Review the log as desired, and then close the Notepad window.
10. You can now exit the MBAM program.

Pdf Files Will Not Download

Run the Vista System File Checker Tool:
1. Open a Command Window in Administrator mode:

* click Start
* click All Programs, then Accessories
* right click on the Command Prompt option,
* on the drop down menu which appears, click on the Run as Administrator option.


* If you haven’t disabled User Account Control (and you shouldn’t!) you will be asked for authorisation. Click the Continue button if you are the administrator or insert the administrator password.

Why I Can Not Download Torrent File

2. Start the System File Checker

* In the Command Prompt window, type: sfc /scannow,
* press Enter.
* You’ll see “the system scan will begin”.

The scan may take some time and windows will repair/replace any corrupt or missing files. You will be asked to insert your Vista DVD if it’s needed.

Close the Command Prompt Window when the job is finished.

One caveat: you need a Windows DVD to enable SFC to make more than minor repairs.

Why I Can Not Download Torrent File Free

“How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program generates in Windows Vista”

If SFC finds serious errors it can not fix, you may have to do a Vista Repair Upgrade Install.
If you do not have a Microsoft Vista DVD, borrow one from a friend.
Read this Tutorial on how to do a Repair Install:


Why I Can Not Download Torrent File Download

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