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If you intend to use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 in the foreseeable future, you should know that Microsoft plans to make it harder for you.

If you’ve got a current generation Intel Skylake processor, they’re going to stop issuing security updates for these older supported versions of Windows in about eighteen months. Furthermore, Microsoft is refusing to support anything less than Windows 10 on Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake processors, period.

Despite the inevitable outpouring of grief and anger, this is actually a really good move for Microsoft, and an even better move for consumers. It will increase security, and ensure that older versions of Windows are put to pasture when they really ought to. Here’s what you need to know.

Windows 10 and Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors

Technically speaking, Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors are remarkable leaps forward, and represent a significant advancement on earlier Intel chips. The fabrication process has improved to the point where each transistor measures around 14 nano meters, allowing more of them to fit on a single piece of silicon wafer, while simultaneously consuming less power.

Kaby Lake is better equipped to handle 4K video, and has more resources allocated to 3D graphics than earlier Intel processors. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Ever since the Intel Core 2 architecture was first released, Intel has been determined to improve the graphics performance on their chips in order to compete with AMD and NVIDIA.

Connectivity is given a boost in Kaby Lake. The chips will support the new ThunderboltWhy Apple's New Thunderbolt Port Is Awesome [Technology Explained]Why Apple's New Thunderbolt Port Is Awesome [Technology Explained]I/O ports aren’t a technology that folks spend a lot of time thinking about. Let’s face it – they’re not sexy. Still, ports are important. As the interface between your computer and everything else, your...Read More 3 standard, as well as USB 3.1. Thunderbolt 3 consumes half the power of its predecessor, uses USB Type-C connectionsWhat Is USB Type-C?What Is USB Type-C?Ah, the USB plug. It is as ubiquitous now as it is notorious for never being able to be plugged in right the first time.Read More, and has enough bandwidth to power two 4K displays, while USB 3.1 is similarly souped-up, and is able to transmit almost 10 gigabits of data per second, while remaining backwards compatible with previous USB standards.


But perhaps the most controversial feature of these chips is one we mentioned at the start of this article: namely that previous versions of Windows will not be supported on this chipset. No matter whether you’re a home-builder or an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), you’ll have to use Windows 10, otherwise you won’t receive security updates or patches.

This will undoubtedly earn the ire of users, but there’s a really good reason for it. In an official blogpost called “Windows 10 Embracing Silicon Innovation”, they attributed this to the immense difficulty in ensuring older versions of Windows are able to use the features of these chips:

“Windows 7 was designed nearly 10 years ago before any x86/x64 SOCs existed. For Windows 7 to run on any modern silicon, device drivers and firmware need to emulate Windows 7’s expectations for interrupt processing, bus support, and power states, which is challenging for WiFi, graphics, security, and more. As partners make customizations to legacy device drivers, services, and firmware settings, customers are likely to see regressions with Windows 7 ongoing servicing.”

Before you take to Twitter and start bombarding Intel with angry messages, it’s worth pointing out that they’re not alone in this. Both AMD (remember them?) and Qualcomm have stated that their next-generation chips will be Windows 10 exclusives. These are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MS8996, and AMD’s Bristol Ridge APU (Accelerated Processing UnitWhat Is An APU? [Technology Explained]What Is An APU? [Technology Explained]Read More), which is scheduled to be released later this year.

But My Current Computer Is Fine, Right?

Your ability to use Windows 7 and 8.1 on your existing machine depends on what kind of processor you’ve got. If your computer isn’t cutting edge, you’re probably fine. But if you’re using Intel’s latest-and-greatest Skylake processors, Microsoft is determined to strong-arm you into upgradingHow to Block the Aggressive Windows 10 Upgrade on Windows 7 and 8.1How to Block the Aggressive Windows 10 Upgrade on Windows 7 and 8.1Microsoft ramps up its efforts to make users upgrade to Windows 10. Come 2016, many people will wake up to a new operating system, despite never having consented to the upgrade. Don't be one of...Read More.

Although Windows 7 will continue to receive updates until 2020, and Windows 8 until 2023, and in spite of the fact that these versions of Windows run quite happily on Skylake processors, Microsoft is discontinuing support for these versions of Windows on Skylake on July 17, 2017. That’s about eighteen months away.

After that point, only the “most critical” security fixes will be released for those platforms. There’s no guarantee of that either, as these fixes will only be released if they don’t “risk the reliability or compatibility” of Windows 7 and 8.1 on non-Skylake systems.

There’s yet-another caveat, too. Only a handful of machines will be eligible to receive updates and patches in the months leading up to July 2017, and these are overwhelmingly top-end business machines from a small handful of manufacturers. These are as follows:

  • Dell Latitude 12
  • Dell Latitude 13 7000 Ultrabook
  • Dell XPS 13
  • HP EliteBook Folio
  • HP EliteBook 1040 G3
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T460s
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P70

Although this sounds scary, we should put this into perspective. Shipments of Skylake processors only really took off around the time when Microsoft released Windows 10. Only a small number of users are likely to be affected by these changes.

Why We Should Be Rejoicing

Looking at these announcements, we can only come to one conclusion: Microsoft is determined to not repeat the mistakes it made when it came to the discontinuation of Windows XP.

Even the largest Windows XP fanWhy Windows XP Won't Be Going Away Anytime SoonWhy Windows XP Won't Be Going Away Anytime SoonPeople cannot let go of Windows XP. In businesses and homes the world over, it will stick around. We spoke with three Windows XP users from different generations and backgrounds to find out why.Read More would agree that its continued prevalence has been a disaster for computer security. It lacked some of the most rudimentary user security protections, like UAC (User Account Control), and it saved passwords with the insecure LN hashing algorithm, making it trivially easy for someone who gains physical access to the computer to gain access to it.

Its flaws run much deeper than that. It just wasn’t all that good. Unlike Windows 10, there’s no integrated support for Microsoft’s cloud services, and no app store. It lacks the battery-saving and performance-enhancing tweaks of newer versions of Windows, and it isn’t optimized for touch-screen devices. In comparison to Windows 10, Windows XP has dated very unfavorably.

In a few years, I think we’ll look upon Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in a similar way. Microsoft will continue to refine and upgrade Windows 10 (indeed, they’ve said that it’ll be the “last Windows ever”Windows 10 Is the Last Version of Windows. Ever.Windows 10 Is the Last Version of Windows. Ever.Microsoft is sick of you not upgrading, and has a solution: Windows 10 will be the final 'version' of Windows. Ever. This could mean that you will never again have to buy Windows.Read More), increasing its arsenal of security enhancements and user features, and Windows 7 will look utterly archaic.

Rather than allow Windows 7 and 8.1 to continue to be used well past their prime, like Windows XP was, Microsoft is taking some drastic steps to bring about its graceful retirement. Ensuring that Windows 7 is insecure on current-generation hardware, and not supporting it on next-generation hardware will go a long way to meeting that goal.

In short, Microsoft is determined to make a break with their previous operating-systems. They have a vision of how in the future, no computers will be compatible with older versions of Windows. Although this will undoubtedly infuriate some users, it’ll go a long way to improving overall computer security.

Will It Work?

Over to you. If you haven’t upgraded yet, will this convince you to finally do so? Or will you hold on to Windows 7 until Microsoft ends support for it in 2020? If you’re finally ready to upgrade after all, here’s how to leave Windows 7 behind and embrace Windows 10Still Using Windows 7? How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Before 2020Still Using Windows 7? How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Before 2020Windows 7's end of life is fast approaching. Here's what all Windows 7 users must know and do before January 2020.Read More.

Photo Credits: USB Type-C (Intel Free Press), CHKDSK (Daniel Oines) [Broken Link Removed]

  1. Matthew is obviously a Microsoft bootlicker. This article is pure propaganda. The real reason Microsoft is stopping support for Windows 7 is simple, 10 offers a much higher potential revenue stream. They want to push their subscription model bs baked into Windows 10 on everyone along with their app store failure so they can further lock everything down and squeeze you for more money. Problem is, most of the windows apps are simplified garbage and a step back in capability compared to the old fashioned windows programs. Oh and then there's the heavily integrated spyware built into 10 that can't be disabled so they can also sell your personal information as well as the new DRM designed to make it harder for competitors and handicap you into a narrow set of choices (namely Microsoft ones). This is why they tried so hard to get everyone to 'upgrade' to 10 'for free', going so far as to create an update in 7 and 8 that did so for you even if you told it not to. If that weren't enough they now force updates on you, often leading to catastrophic failures. All of this is merely disguised in the name of security.

    Windows 10 is a giant step back, that's why so many are clinging to 7 and that's why I'll finally be moving to Linux when all software and hardware support for 7 and 8 ends.

  2. Each new release of Windows 10 contains more and more dirty virus-like behavior of telemetry.
    Its hard to enumerate in a few words, and even harder to remove completely but we are like prostitutes while using such OS, it knows everything. Time for Linux.

  3. Microsofts 'operating system as a service' model is the biggest reason for sticking with windows 7 -- along with backwards compatibility with hardware and software that dates back 20+ years that is being tossed aside.

    All the reasons touted in this article to upgrade -- are invalid for many power users.

    I can list so many reasons that I absolutely will never like windows 10. How about we simply say-- there are ZERO things brought on by windows 10 that I care about, and any feature 10 has that I wanted = could be added to windows 7 easily.

    --I still maintain a couple XP machines one is a nice 12 core 32gb beast-- that was an amazing OS and I'll never give it up. I use it for gaming and media center. Much backwards compatibility and functionality was removed with windows 7...

    Way too much was removed with windows 10 and the Nazi style control Microsoft wants to exert over all of us - is something I find appalling and can't believe the general population is going along with it. The way they are bullying hardware developers and forcing companies like HP and Dell to (force) consumers to use their OS is horrid. I support Linux all the way and always aim to purchase hardware that does not come bundled with microsoft products.

    I want to disable driver signature enforcement - I want to choose my own custom made drivers - I want total and complete control over every update - and when or if I choose to install it after I've read the fine print on the code changes.

    I want total and complete system control without microsoft scanning the things I install and randomly uninstalling them for whatever reason it deems necessary.

    I have no use for an App store that pushes inferior hobbled versions of things when I have full blown software that could do way more... -without advertisements Netflix had an app you could download; you could also use a web browser... putting it into a 'Microsoft' app store is convenient for people who are clueless on how to find things online.

    -no telemetry = dont spy on me.

    -user account control is annoying; I want full admin power over everything in my machine at all times... The last time I was infected by something was 20 years ago when I was an untrained moron... Why deal with UAC harrasing me 20x a day with stupid warnings when I'm not likely to ever get infected by anything again since I use safe browsing practices...
    aka - no java - no html5 - all types of ad blocking and custom browser edits /to keep me secure...

    Edge is useless garbage.. my web browser needs 2 lines of (text) menus with each addon and custom javascript bookmarklet at the ready so that I can quickly use developer tools to change the way i interface with any website I look at...

    Cortana is useless for me - I've had talking apps in my computer that worked just as good since back in windows 98... TWENTY YEARS AGO I will not have all this data reported back to microsoft.. no way... If cortana was a 100% localized program where my info would never enter any cloud - I'd be ok with it.

    Cloud access should not be build into an OS; it should be an optional add on for people who dont have the technical ability to build their own server and host their own data.
    There is this little thing called http://FTP... its kind of been around a while... along with IRC and Torrents... Personally I keep a localized server with all my data stored on it... I'm not giving my data over to someone else to data mine.

    Xbox integration.. hmm... I've played... zero xbox games in my life.. why do I want this in my PC?

    The new menu system is embarrassingly dummied down and horrible to look at -- I want the old original menu based massively easy to use menu system that has existed since WINDOWS 3.1

    I do not want some cute little stupid dummied down menu system that I have to click 10x to get where I want.

    -F8 booting into safe mode is a pain to restore - it should never have been deactivated.. omg it takes an extra millisecond to boot up!!! oh no!

    I could go on.. but who will read it... lol

  4. It looks like for heavy demand applications, we are being forced into Windows 10. I didn't realize 7th generation CPUs were not compatible with Win 7.

    I, too, am about to ditch a failed Windows 10 installation that I've got 78 hours into troubleshooting. Half my hardware doesn't work. And this morning, to top it off, Networking stopped working, too. Seems like all hell broke loose after I paid $204 to activate Windows. Shortly after that, my tablet stylus cursor started acting bizarre and I found out that I could no longer see other PCs nor my DLNA server on the LAN. I've spent 5 hours today, researching the networking problem alone, but found out there are thousands of other users with the same problem and not resolved.

    I'm ready to chuck this new $2000 PC box out the window. My ten year old PC with Win 7 always worked faithfully, as long as I leave it powered on. And the great thing was all my hardware worked. But it's a Core2Quad and it uses a lot of electricity and doubles as a heater in the winter.

    I still need something faster that doesn't have ten years of 24/7 power on wear on it, but I am only starting to become aware that nice hardware won't run Windows 7 today.

    My new box is an Asus P390-A with i7-9700K. Runs cool, only draws 62 watts off the outlet. Nearly silent fans. But I can't get any productive work done on it. My capture cards stopped working after the first reboot. Now networking stopped working this morning. I'm shuttling files across PC to PC via USB thumb drive. It takes hours to copy some files on the USB 2.0 ports of the old PC to thumb drive. No networking is making file transfer a very painful task. But there are scores of other issues with hardware, expensive hardware, that is not working in Win 10 Pro.

    My other workstation is a $30K dual Xeon E5-2667 with 128GB ECC RAM, Quadro M6000, many terabytes of SSD drive capacity, etc. but it runs my NLE software terribly. I'm starting to wonder if Windows 7 on that machine doesn't support the latest v3 Xeon processors fully.

    In the meantime, I am getting ready to ditch the Windows 10 build and find a Win 7 compatible motherboard. I built a system with an i7 for a friend of mine 3 years ago and it works well, but a little underpowered for 4K video production work. But I'm reading the i5 is the last Win 7 compatible CPU, so a bit confused.

  5. im using windows 7 on a 7th gen CPU and getting all the updates just fine im not upgrading to windows 10 to i have to im happy with windows 7

  6. I'm not upgrading until all of my stuff removes support for Windows 7. I refuse to give M$ my money when they install countless services that steal your information and spy on you for big brother agencies and break your drivers with every update. I'll stick with Windows 7 since it's far more stable than Windows 10 will ever be

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. The problem is that you can not upgrade hardware because the new Intel Chips won't run Windows 7, by decree of Microsoft. They are turning into the Evil Empire right before my eyes! I can hardly believe this all started when Bill Gates left the Indian in charge. Those people do not share the same culture and don't understand Americans obsession with Privacy and Free Choice. I paid for Windows 7, I should be able to use it on a new chip.

  7. This is pretty bad. I still use Windows XP with 32 bit, why because I need to. I have used 32bit W7 and W10 and they just horrible and slow, especially W10. 64 bit works great, if I can start with a clean new machine. But there has not been a single machine that I upgraded to Windows 10 or came with windows 10 that I did not downgrade to 7. Even windows 8.1 worked better. Windows alternates XP was good, Vista sucked, 7 was good 8 sucked, 9 should have been good, but MS decided to skip that and just go with a more sucky 10. I plan on holding on to XP and 7 as long as I possibly can.

  8. After two and a half years, people are still commenting, and the only one who has said anything positive about Win 10 is the author of the original article.

    Windows 10 truly is a blight upon the realm of computing , and I'd sooner give up computing than use it. It's not a serious operating system... it doesn't even meet the most basic requirements, and so it's not even an option when the time runs out on 8.1. It could be massively improved and still be so terrible as to be unfit for purpose.

    Windows XP remains the high water mark for Microsoft OSes (well, in truth, the UI in Win2k was better out of the box, but XP could have that same setup with a few quick setting changes). Other than the usual technical advances (better multicore processor scheduling, the WDM compositor, better implementation on 64-bit architecture, etc., XP is still my favorite Windows, followed by 7.

    Not having an app store isn't a bad thing. If it were like a Linux repository, it would be different, but as long as it's tied to idiotic phone interfaces like Metro/Modern/TIFKAM/UWP, it's not allowed on my PC. My Windows 8.1 (which I seldom use anymore) no longer has one (install_wim_tweak took care of that). Touchscreens on real PCs are a silly gimmick (look where your monitor is if you use a desktop PC. Do you really want to be working all day with your arm stretched out in front of you to touch it? If you're doing any real work, your arm will be too tired to keep doing it pretty quickly), and I don't feel the need to accept the massive UI compromises that have to be made to accommodate an inappropriate technology for non handheld devices that only the tiniest percentage of Windows users use.

    There's a reason I am posting this from Linux Mint instead of Windows, and that reason is Windows 10. It's true that 8.1 as I've modified it is actually quite nice on my system... no apps, no charms, no tiles , no ribbon, and so on, but seeing what MS is doing now just sickens me to the point that I don't even want to wait until 2023 to quit using Windows. It just feels dirty and wrong now, and I am not sure 8.1 will actually make it to 2023 without MS introducing some security patches that just happen to make it really bad in some other way, which they've already pulled a couple of times with 7.

    MS has always been a little too willing to get into the weeds and do some unethical stuff (like when they integrated IE into Windows to try to claim it was all one thing so Bill Gates could lie to Congress and claim it could not be removed, even though a lot of us had (98 Lite or Revenge of Mozilla) and were now using IE-free Win 98 even though Gates said it could not be done), but using the Windows Update system to deliver malware to their own customers (both GWX and the trojan that is supposed to be an update that closes security holes, but then it sabotages Kaby/7 installations and makes them vulnerable to all future malware) is beyond unethical. It's evil. I can't think of anything Apple or Google have done that can compete with that, and they've had some pretty shady moments themselves.

  9. I don't want cloud or appstores or touch screen or the ridiculous interface but to use modern components I have to buy windows 10, buying windows yet again is not on my books.

    I'm off to check out the pelican.

    And this 'article' looks like it was written by Microsoft.

  10. I am reading this BS article, idiot Matthew Hughes, on a Kaby Lake processor running windows 7 and not that garbage windows 10, so you can go f yourself.

    • Agreed I hate Win10, I hate how it takes control of PC non stop, I hate that it spies on me, I don't like the GUI, F them and this stupid author who is propping up window$.
      Just another reason for me to shift to Linux. Idiots!

  11. Hate to break it to you, but Windows 10 is a HUGE downgrade compared to XP and slag off XP for minor security issues, but conveniently forget to mention already there are more virus for window 10 available than XP, despite it only just being released - And dont get us started on the privacy.

  12. I tried Windows 10 for a couple of weeks about two months ago., I really, really tried to like it, but it's just not the kind of OS I want. A PC is not a tablet or smartphone. I don't want to be signed in to to use my PC. I don't need widget style apps. Windows 7 does everything I need it to and it looks a damn sight better than Windows 10 while it's doing it. If MS were to offer a Windows 7 shelled version of Windows 10 without all the daft new-age online BS I would gladly pay them for it, but as it stands I will probably be eventually forced to use an OS I just can't stand the sight of just to be able to use new hardware and get security updates. In the meantime I'll be keeping a close eye on ReactOS.

  13. I anyway turn off Windows updates to not bother me forcing restart, since my comp is running 24/7, always piled up with precious browser tabs I can't afford losing.
    I rely on my antivirus/security program for protection rather than updates. So I'd be more than glad to stick to 7, instead of comprimising my privacy with a spyware OS. Unfortunately my new machine comes with Win 10-compatible only drivers and manufacturer does not offer else, so I'll have to swallow this.

  14. Why would I ever consider upgrading to a piece of crap like Windows ???? If they're not gonna make win 7 compatible with the new chips then I'll happily stay with my old one! Microsoft SUCKS EGGS and eventually I will buy my first Mac and never look back!

  15. The answer to the puzzle is Linux - end of story.

  16. How much was you paid for this absolute drivel of a Win 10 commercial? Windows 7 runs just fine on all the latest CPU`s (and actually out performs win 8 and 10 by a huge margin). You still get the security uppdates even on the latest CPU`s so this is just a bunch of lies to try triking people into 'uppgrading' to the horrible shit called Windows 10... When Windows 7 stops getting uppdates I will install Mac OSX or Linux Mint. I tried Windows 10 and 8 for a whole year and it was a horrible horrible experience.

  17. And yet, here it is, Christmas eve 2017 and Microsoft is still supporting Windows 7 Pro, delivering me patches and security updates to my core i7-6700K Skylake desktop. How much were you paid by Microsoft to type this blathering balderdash up, in the first place?

    • Where did you find drivers for it? I have a new Skyalke machine that comes with win 10-compatible only drivers and manufacturer does not provide any other. That's my only incentive to migrate to 10. What about you?

      • I designed my own machine, ordered all the parts from NewEgg, assembled it. Installed Win7 Pro 64 from the disc. The drivers exist for Win7. Whatever you wish is still out there. Put your own SSD in your machine, grab a copy of Win7 and go to town.

    • I have a ryzen 1600 using windows 7 ultimate and those arseholes at microsoft have stopped it getting updates saying the cpu is too new. Message to microsoft you can stick windows 10 where thge sun dont shine my next move will be to linux or mac. Microsoft you can go and root yourselves

  18. What are you guys, a marketing shill for Microsoft?

    Windows 10 is JUNK. And it's spyware.

    There is NOTHING so great about it compared to win 7, which is excellent, and probably the best windows ever. Nice to look at, and easy to use.
    The chip stories are just strongarm tactics to make the whole world switch over to an OS that tracks your every keystroke.

    • The only great thing is you don't need an activator.

  19. I will not be using win 10, i cannot say ever, but not in any forseeable future.
    I have a stick pile of older pcs and i will be stock piling the newer pcs up until the unsupported hardware.
    I see using them well into 2025 or further, with or without updates, always hated what up dates did to my pc anyway, and hate the forced updates of win 10.

    I am consumer hear me roar!
    I am spending my hard earned money, no one including tbe government will tell me what i have to use it on.
    If i want to use win 7 thats none of anyones business to tell me i cant, nor the right of microsoft to do so.

    Consumers Unite! Tell these companies $%÷@ you and dont buy there products, let there market shares drop a few quarters, and watch them change there tune! No support, no business, no business, no profits.

    And to top it all off why would I run an operating system so that a company can continuously spy on me?

    Win 7 until Win 10 is corrected!!!

  20. Windows 10 will spy on you, your data on the computer and your behavior. They say the spying is for marketing purposes for your benefit. That's all bull shit. Win 10 is also very weird to use with desktop machines because it's designed for mobiles first. All this in one word, the operating system is just a plain shit. And now they want to force everybody to use this shit to get everybody's data. You know, somebody in the future can get their fingers to that data and that will be a very very bad thing. Linux or Mac seem's to be a far more better solution if there is no use for special Windows based software that you have to use with your desktop.

  21. I work for a corporation, and we have yet to deploy a Windows 10 machine, we are receiving computers with 10 loaded on them, I think it is a good move, the biggest issue is to get the older generation users into windows 10

  22. Lets face it how ever much people say they are going to change to linux or mac.(This is going on for 10 years) We all will always use windows. People called Vista bad and said would move to linux or mac and same with 8. But the cold hard truth is 90% computers have always used windows and will always use windows.

  23. I am not happy with Windows 10 because it looks too ugly for me and all these automatic updates seem annoying.

    If I can't use Windows 7 then I will buy a Mac or wait Linux to be improved. Finito :P

  24. Wow, this site just lost all credibility. This is nothing but a marketing piece for Microsoft. The author shows a complete amount of ignorance and too much MS Kool-Aid drinking. What you don't think intel and amd's hands were forced to not support their latest cpus/chipsets with drivers? I am sure of it. There is no technical reason they cannot have chipset drivers for Win7.

    There is no technical reason why the latest intel processors cannot run Windows 7/8. None. This is all a Microsoft move to move people to controlled windows on a service where you have zero say about what your computer can and cannot do. Forced updates, Forced telemetry, zero privacy.

    Security concerns? Windows 7 is still supported with patches and updates.

    • Here is a patch to continue getting updates, because your right the author is a shill for Microsoft.

    • Look for zeffy on github,

      his written a software to allow updates to continue on win 7. The author is clearly being paid for by Microsoft

  25. All i can understand from this article can be summaried in the following points -

    1. Although painful, but start learning 'Linux' (Ubuntu or something like that). It is far more better and reliable.

    2. As consumers we need to upgrade our technical understanding of these computing machines. Otherwise, these monopolistic companies like Microsoft and Intel will erode our savings fast and will be duping us every now or then.

    3. Not to trust this website anymore.

    4. Also to look at the options of ios

  26. Microsoft has no VALID excuse for refusing to support processors that are being sold while their product is still in mainstream release.
    This is nothing more but yet ANOTHER 'Monopolistic Practice' forcing people to DOWNGRADE to WIndows 10, which is NOT better than 7 much less 8 for THE LARGE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE.

    'No app store' - whatever, a lot of folks HATE those junk things.
    'No touchscreen support' - yawn, most folks don't USE a touchscreen device and a lot of us could not care less about the bloody things.
    'No integrated support for cloud services' - anyone that trusts the cloud is a FOOL.

    Let's not get started on the totally useless DISASTER that was the Windows 8 so-called 'user interface' - which 10 STILL trys to inflict on people by default, Microsoft yet again REFUSING to learn from their blatant DISASTERS.


    For most usage, Windows 10 is NO improvement at all, and a lot of what it does is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE REAR where 7 is a lot easier to use and set up AND RELIABLE.
    For that matter, XP had user interface that was FRIENDLIER than 7 (though mostly in small ways, like FILE WINDOWS THAT STAY WHERE YOU PUT THEM WHEN YOU OPEN THEM AGAIN LATER instead of randomly positioning themselves, USUALLY SOMEWHERE STUPID).

    I made the mistake of trying WIndows 10 on one machine. I am very close to ripping the broken crashy bloated PAIN TO USE GARBAGE off that machine and upgrading it to either LINUX or worse case Windows 7 - BECAUSE 10 IS NOT AN UPGRADE, IT IS UNRELIABLE BLOATED PAIN.

    This isn't an article, this is a Microsoft Shill trying to justify Microsoft shafting people over AGAIN so they can try to make even more obscene profits.

    • Agreed 100%.
      I'm surprised no-one is looking into this stitch-up. It's so laughably obvious that no amount of techno-spiel will hide what they are trying to do from anyone with a working brain.

      Security, security, and more security? For all the talk of 'security', I find it quite ironic/laughable that the shill folk make little to no mention of the data that Windows 10 collects. I guess it's only a 'security issue' when the SPYWARE being used isn't supported by MS.

      I'm going to grab a 6th gen i7, while they are still available, and continue using Win 7 until I can get to grips with Linux. These M$ clowns lost the plot years ago.

  27. This article is disappointing in that it does nothing to answer its 'purpose'.
    That being...
    'WHY Windows 7 Won’t Work On Intel’s Current & Next Gen CPUs'

    It states instead only opinions of why it is 'better' to go to Win10 and mentions build technology of the newest CPUs as a factor with some security concerns thrown in. But nothing related to what would be classified as exactly 'WHY'.

    CPU Features that are not supported in the OS - just like any other OS ever released - would simply mean no benefit to the OS in terms of those features. Much like not having USB ports would mean no benefit of the fact that your chipset supports it. Or having a basic video card can drastically limit your OS performance for its display (just try safe mode ).

    Win10 requirements are generally lighter than Win7 and Win10 can run quite effectively on (some) older devices. To now say that a more powerful CPU - or its build technology - is a limitation for running an older OS is rubbish. What IS valid is to say that a CPU that is UNDER spec'd is not capable (such as Win7 on a Pentium PII with 500MB of RAM.)

    And as for security? CPUs can certainly support better features that get integrated into the OS. But typical security issues are identified and released by the software vendors and are a function of whether they decide to release them - nothing to do with the CPU manufacturer.

    This would therefore all seem to be simply manipulation by 'someone'.
    (your guess as to who )

  28. anything is fine, but windows 10 never gon use, period.

  29. 'It just wasn’t all that good. Unlike Windows 10, there’s no integrated support for Microsoft’s cloud services, and no app store. It lacks the battery-saving and performance-enhancing tweaks of newer versions of Windows, and it isn’t optimized for touch-screen devices. In comparison to Windows 10, Windows XP has dated very unfavorably.'

    Holy crap, really? If I'm running a desktop, I don't want ANY of that stuff.

  30. Holding on to Windows 7 professional for the clock and calendar gadgets sitting in the upper right corner of my second display, where they're always visible. I'll consider upgrading to windows 10 when Microsoft comes up with an identical solution, or certifies one of the 3rd party gadget replacements as safe.

    • Strange you saying that, specially since Microsoft discontinued the gadgets due to a design flaw that make them insecure... ;)

  31. Until I can stop windows 10 snooping, there is no way I'm installing it

  32. This is the stupidest article I have ever read.
    There is a reason engineers and IT experts are avoiding Win 10 like the plague.
    Windows 10 is NOT an operating system. It is a SERVICE. It is spyware. It is a vending machine.
    It is an insidious information data pipe between Microsoft and YOUR computer with the narrow purpose to steal your information, to spy on your every activity, to sell and profit from your personal and intellectual secrets and to convert your computer into a relentless vending machine which will eventually make you pay for every click on your keyboard !!!
    Microsoft's new windows 10 license strips you of all privacy and consumer rights.
    It gives Microsoft the unlimited right to update and remotely alter your computer's most fundamental functionality, any time they feel like it. They can kill software you own. They can disable your or destroy your media files at will. They can re-enable and hardware enforce digital rights management on files you have had for years. They can use FORCED JUDAS updates to block any software they disapprove of. They can index and upload your private files without permission. And YES, they can permanently destroy your machine via carefully crafted security/DRM updates, and FORCE you to buy a new one, as they have already done to X-Box gaming consoles by deliberately bricking the DVD player. Samsung is doing the same with monitors, DVD/Bluray players and smart TV's.

    Yes they CAN listen to your pillow talk. Yes they can silently activate the camera on your computer if you have one. So can any decent hacker and government agencies. (See Wikileaks). Windows 10 is not only ugly, it very bad news. It is the least secure windows since NT.

    • Agree!

      • Also fully agree: the article above is complete rubbish - like a paid add from M$! Windows 10 is spyware and will never run on any of my PCs or harddisks :-)!

        I will keep using windows 7 at home as long as possible and then - when the hardware is ageing or finally giving up - rather move to linux (and use wine for windows emulation whenever needed). Linux is great, some versions (e.g. oracle linux, centos and fedora) are completely free and it will do well for everyday applications. Working as system admin for unix/linux during the last ten years has convinced me that I will easily be able to use it at home too. Sorry M$, you got my money for XP and Windows 7, but you will not convince me to use Windows 10 (and probably already lost me as a customer when you published that horribly ugly design desaster you call Windows 8)!

        • I bought new pc with 7th gen cpu,after readin post about this i understud that this might be right,because on that new pc i could not install windows 7 from usb only DVD drive that i putted in from old pc,but windows 10 usb worked like a charm,ok dealed with it,but there was another problem,couldnt normally install updates,pc just wont sturp up with after restart,than i decidec to turn off updates and now my pc running great,but without explorer 11 because of failed updates.So maybe this is the way how MS forcing us to move to ten,and i think they will have luck with it,compabality will be removed for programs,games etc.,so i think we will move to ten with no choice.

  33. to me, your article sounds like shit, do you own microsoft shares?

    There are no reasons to oblige users to give up about win 7 at this moment. I couldn't care less about the cloud or the app store and so on..

  34. I built a new computer some weeks ago and I told the dealer, that I want to continue to use Windows 7. I don't want this virus-like spy- and adware loaded Win 10.
    Unfortunately he did not tell me this when there was the question of Skylake or Kabylake and I opted for the newest generation of CPU. Just now I got this messages about 'unsupported' hardware. I am really angry about this but I will continue with Win 7 as long as possible, be it with any reasonable hack.
    I still hope, that enough public pressure develops, that M$ will change their unacceptable policy, otherwise I will use the PC without updates.

  35. This article lost all credibility with this statement - 'Technically speaking, Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors are remarkable leaps forward, and represent a significant advancement on earlier Intel chips. The fabrication process has improved to the point where each transistor measures around 14 nano meters'

    First of all, Kaby Lake is the exact opposite of a remarkable leap forward, it is simply an optimisation of Skylake to enable higher clock speeds. Hardly revolutionary or remarkable.

    Secondly, 14nm is not the size of the transistor itself, it is the size of the smallest feature on the chip. Which could be, for example, the gate of one transistor. The transistors themselves are necessarily larger than 14nm if your process node is 14nm. Whoever wrote this article seems to lack technical knowhow.

    • Like the guy that wrote the above comment. Gates are made of transistors, not the other way around.

      • I was referring to transistor gates, not logic gates. A transistor is constructed out of a gate, a drain, and a source (all different materials). Here's a labelled electron microscope image of a few transistors to illustrate:

        A logic gate (AND, OR, NOT etc.) is indeed made of multiple transistors, as you said.

  36. 'It just wasn’t all that good. Unlike Windows 10, there’s no integrated support for Microsoft’s cloud services, and no app store. It lacks the battery-saving and performance-enhancing tweaks of newer versions of Windows, and it isn’t optimized for touch-screen devices.'

    Cloud services, app store, and touch screen means nothing to many, many computer users. Some battery saving and performance enhancements are good, but not at the cost of the ethical lines of forced patches, built-in advertisements, and unavoidable privacy issues that Microsoft is crossing with Windows 10.

    This site ends up sounding like a Microsoft shill, not addressing any concerns about the new version of Windows. There's plenty of reasons to not transition to Windows 10, and Microsoft could have just made their enhancements without implementing terrible systemic changes. These are now built into Windows 10, and if it's indeed the 'last version' of Windows, chances are they'll never go away.

    This is going to be the version of Windows that pushes me from dual-booting Windows/Linux, to running Linux only for my up to date hardware. I'm glad Valve invested so much into bringing games and software to Linux, as games were the last reason I had need of Windows.

    Good riddance to Microsoft and their terrible management of the Windows ecosystem.

    • wow ur that stupid i hate windows 10 and the stupid app store they have and i hate auto restarts during updates and i hate how unstable the os is its very annoying and its ugly overall and windows 7 is way more stable than 10 and ill never get the new 7th gen or later processors cause they dont support the best os ever which is windows 7

      • Unfortunately I got a Gen.7 CPU before I knew this, although I asked the dealer about Win 7 compatibility.
        But I will definitely go without updates instead going with Windows 10

    • 'Cloud services, app store, and touch screen means nothing to many, many computer users.' - that's only partially right. Touchscreen support means nothing for me on a desktop. Cloud service and and Appstore does not 'mean nothing' for me, I definitely DO NOT WANT IT.

    • exactly same here. Good comment.

      I can live without win updates anyway.

  37. What? Huge write up but it still DOESN'T explain or give the technical reasons as to why Win7 or Win8 won't run on this silicon? It DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

    • No, it doesn't make sense as there is no real technical reason. It runs on the silicon (otherwise I could not type this comment), but Microsh*t just does not want to give updates if they detect the CPU.

  38. So, we've now learned how MS is even pushing actual ads into its Win10 explorer software! Wow. And you dare advertise for this being a good move by MS and Intel? Seriously.
    I will never stop running Win7 x64. It's a fine OS, a stable workhorse. I just bought the latest Haswell tech Intel CPU. And found out Intel keeps making some of them too, probably because they too realize Win10 is a disaster OS waiting to crumble into oblivion. Especially when looking at some of the new Linux desktop releases, like Linux Deepin and Antergos, and the latest Ubuntu LTS for that matter. If I ever need faster hardware, I'll run the latest linux kernel on it. Microsoft has just played itself out of the game here. And their weak excuses to make Win7 x64 last forever are absolutely disgraceful for a company with such humongous financial backing. Someone in MS management is too dumb or too lazy to understand how users don't *need* to change if they're happy with it, they only want to do the same faster than before. THAT is what counts. All the featuritis is making us puke. Grow a clue!

    • 'And their weak excuses to make Win7 x64 last forever' was not what I intended, it should be;
      'And their weak excuses for not making Win7 x64 last forever'. Still remains the worst argument ever coming from a billion dollar cash in the bank business like MicroSoft;
      'It's too much work to upgrade Win7 to new hardware standards!'
      Oh is it, really? You don't want to work for your money then? And how do you reckon the linux kernel can do it just fine then? For free. There's your answer: You *only* really care about money, about keeping it to yourself. You don't care about user-demand. You're like Trump. Freakin' waste of our precious time. You're too stupid to not try and fix what isn't broken.
      New hardware comes out and suddenly you're all too lazy and stubborn to go and upgrade drivers for it. Wow. Disgusting. Why did I even pay for a license?

  39. so, to the bitter end it is.... :)

  40. Windows 10 is an attempt to 'appify' the OS. I want a PC operating system that is not doing its best to imitate smart phones; if I wanted a smart phone OS, I'd get a smart phone.

    I don't really care about the security aspect anymore, not since it's become a thinly veiled way to turn users into a commodity with mandatory telemetry and so forth, along with taking away control of how updates are applied, etc.

    So, no. It's possible to run Win7 with Kaby Lake; you just have to be a little clever about it--and since MS can't force me to install updates (fyu very much!) on Win7, they can't even magically disable the driver which makes it possible.

    tl;dr: you'll pry Windows 7 out of my cold, dead fingers--unless MS ever decides to make a real desktop OS again and stop treating PC users like an underclass of phone users.

    • You absolutely and exactly brought it to the point. I have a smartphone and I have a PC and it is really OK, that they look different :-) I don't need no appstore for my PC.

  41. Your heading is quite wrong... Windows 7 works perfectly on Kaby Lake... i have done a couple of new machines (all KL) not one driver or stability issue.

    • I tried installing windows 7 on a kaby lake machine. i didn't make it past the first computer restart (after first os installation from the bootable device)
      crashed instantly. so i have no idea what you are talking about. are you sure it was kaby lake?

      • I type this on a Kaby Lake machine. Although installation did need some technical knowledge because of USB drivers - no mouse no keyboard at first. But luckily I had an old PS2 keyboard.

        • I would like to install Win7 on a Kaby Lake laptop (specifically, Acer Predator).

          Do you think the USB drivers and the keyboard will work (not to mention the 1070 graphics card)?


  42. If they didn't make automatic updates a thing on Windows 10, I would happily use it on my main desktop. I do have some machines running it and it's a decent OS, but it's not gonna be my main machine. I regularly update my PC, but I'm a control freak about when I choose to do it.

    I'm a big fan of user choice, even if that choice is 'bad' for the user such as delaying security. Quite frankly, I wish Microsoft will just honor the promise of supporting the OS like they did as opposed to using loopholes to getting out of their own commitments. Don't make promises you can't keep.

    But my problem is there are quite a number of software I use won't work on Windows 10. I know that's normal as time passes but if I wanted the latest and greatest stuff.

    Remember that Windows' strength has always been as a legacy machine. The new software is fine and all but it's comparability is one of its great strengths. Some of us would like to use older software with patched systems. At the very least, I think Windows 10 needs to work on an emulator or something that can help with that.

    • I have older software that doesn't work in Windows 10 as well. From a security standpoint I use my legacy IS off network for the sole purpose of those softwares. One thing you could do is create a VM to run your dated OS on your Windows 10 if you desire to have everything together. Just an idea

  43. I didn't check up on this before buying but I installed Windows 7 on i7-7700K last night with no problem at all. Only thing I struggled with was the Intel LAN driver but that was ASUS that put the wrong driver on the DVD and on their website. Used tethering from my phone to get internet and used Windows Updates and that finally worked.

    I've even received plenty of security updates today, but maybe those are 'Pre Kaby Lake', I don't know.

    Someone else tried this?

    • Yes but do You have a Z270 motherboard. That is all about. Z170 and Skylake Are totaly fine. All this article is a bit wrong. Only the new intel Chipset Z270 with Kaby-Lake CPU's will have problem. Although I am sure we will find a way to crack them another hole. Be cause this is just forcing us to upgrade to the most Spyware friendly OS ever. This is not even your google android, this OS is a big security risk for YOU personally not MS.

      But this is wht we get when we let a company to have a monopoly on PC market.

      • Well the choices are between building your own PC and running Windows and having most things work fairly well, building your own PC and running Linux and having some things work really well and other things become a pain in the arse going through lines upon lines of terminal entries, or buying an Apple computer at twice the usual markup for the components because of supposed build quality and OS stability, both things I've personally had issues with.

        It's not us that has allowed the monopoly to happen, it's developers not making their software work on all major operating systems, forcing people to pick OS based on the software they wish to use. It's Linux still having a user-unfriendly approach with a thousand different distros and options of which some function better than others, it's Apple having a huge barrier to entry, it's the lack of competition against Microsoft's monolith of an OS that, due to developer support, most people run just to run certain software and, mainly, play games.

        • You don't have to build your own Linux system. If I didn't prefer to build my own computer, I would buy a System 76 computer without a doubt. There are numerous vendors with competitive prices, but just a couple of options:

          System 76 sells only Linux computers (desktops/laptops/servers), is highly rated, and promotes their lifetime support for every computer they sell.

          Dell has an up to date line of computers (desktops/laptops) you can purchase with official support for Linux:

          No terminal commands needed either. Linux has made leaps and bounds in user friendliness in the past few years. There aren't many reasons not to use Linux on the desktop for most of the population anymore.

          Businesses too; Linux is use cases include DreamWorks' animation artists' desktops, many Hollywood movie graphic studios use Linux (movies e.g. Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Shrek), NY stock exchange, Google, Amazon, etc.

          Other organizations as well: governments around the world, a large number of schools around the world, research labs, NASA, police departments, etc.

          Chances are a large majority of the people using the above Linux computers didn't know how to use them before they had to for work. I find it hard to believe that there are use cases that home consumers have that are more demanding than those listed above, or that they would deploy that many Linux computers if the employees had many issues using it.

          Next time you need a new computer, buy a System 76 machine. Avoid Windows, get stuff done. Easy peasy.

      • Agreed that 'that' company has monopoly on PC. They can use a 'good' reason to force you to Windows 10. They can even get the CPU manufacturer to 'support' their strategy by not providing the drivers for the new CPU.

        I use W7 and recently upgrade by PC to ASUS Z270M-Plus with KabyLake i7-7700. The upgrade is smooth, but there is no driver for the embedded graphic controller resulting in an ugly non-transparent taskbar. I then use a very old VGA card (ASUS EAH4350) to get around it. As I am a freelance developer, I can live with the current situation.

  44. Will we still be able to activate our retail versions of Windows in order to upgrade to Windows 10? If not, I will be pretty angry given that I purchased my retail version to transfer to my new computer as I upgraded. At least that was my understanding of the primary advantage of purchasing retail vs. OEM.

  45. There is only a little difference between 'not supported' and deliberately crippled. I'm holding fire to my upgrade plans until i find out for sure how Win 7 and 8.1 run on Kabylake. I like them BOTH much more than 10.

  46. Well, the title says it's going to tell me WHY it won't *work*, but it doesn't actually do that. I was expecting some sort of technical explanation of why it isn't *possible* to make it work, not some Windows 10 advertising, which is basically what this is.

    • It is possible to make it work. But if you install at least one of this updates: KB4012218,
      KB4015549, KB4015546 you can not search for new updates any more. I don't know about future 'CPU detection' mechanisms.

  47. 1.) USB 3.1 Does not transfer 10 GB per second. It's 10 Gbit/s. Correct your typo.
    2.) AMD is going to kick Intel's arse with its Zen family. So yes 'I remember them' as you asked.

  48. I am hesitant to deploy Windows 10 to my business clients.
    ***I could see myself deploying 7 on older chipsets while testing my clients' software on 10.

  49. This truly a Microsoft sales brochure, not even close to legitimate journalism, and now I have to question the credibility of makeuseof as an organization. It may be factual as to what Microsoft is doing (we all know this), but it is in no way good for the public; it is purely planned obsolescence. Force obsolescence, really, in the name of making more money for both chipmakers and Microsoft.

    As for 'security', F-U-D strikes again. OS-level flaws are rarely an issue on end-user machines. Virtually all malware is either installed by the user willfully, or by exploiting holes in high-level applications such as browsers and addons like Flash. Professionally, I can count on one hand the number of OS flaws I've seen exploited, and those all occurred after one of the above allowed the malware onto the network in the first place. No GDI+ sploits, sorry. Oh, and I have seen a few hacks via open RDP ports which allowed any IP to connect to them. Kinda Firewalls 101 stuff here - something the OS wouldn't have stopped since there was no lockout policy and it was doing what it was configured to do.

    Also, consider that, if you're really so worried about your data being safe, consider running offline or on a private LAN, something which is all-but-impossible with Windows 10. I do most of my business (outside my IT job) and personal stuff offline, but I have better security than a million-dollar network is capable of providing, simply because I'm using the right tool for the job.

    • AMEN BROTHER.......i installed fresh copy of win 10 it woulnt is spyware....the sellout of intel and amd is unforgivable

    • Your comment should be the main article and the article should be under comments and marked as advertising spam.

      • so true. i regret buying the kaby lake cpu. i am stuck with ubuntu now.

      • LOL so true :)

  50. I work in a school and have 600-700 Laptops & 200 Desktops and a very restive core of staff, 'if it doesn't work with any particular piece of (older) software we are to blame. unfortunately we have a Leadership team who maintain the teaching staff are 100% correct and we are 100% incorrect, no discussion!
    forcing us to move to windows 10, will for us to buy older kit or more to AMD.

  51. Ah good ol' Metrosoft -- as it continues with its one step forward, two steps back approach. Pffft.

    UPDATE: Microsoft is taking another step to modify its cut-off support date for Intel Skylake-based devices.

    By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft August 11, 2016

    Instead of halting support for Skylake-based Windows 7 and 8.1 in July 2018 -- which was earlier than the normal support cut-off date for Windows 7 and 8.1 on non-Skylake devices -- Microsoft is now going to support fully Skylake-based devices up until the end of the previously stated support cut-off dates.

    For Windows 7, extended support ends on January 14, 2020. For Windows 8.1, extended support ends on January 10, 2023. (Extended support means the period during which users will get regular security updates from Microsoft for free.)


  52. Ah good ol' Metrosoft -- as it continues to take one step forward, and two steps back. Pffft.

    UPDATE: Microsoft is taking another step to modify its cut-off support date for Intel Skylake-based devices.

    By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft August 11, 2016

    Instead of halting support for Skylake-based Windows 7 and 8.1 in July 2018 -- which was earlier than the normal support cut-off date for Windows 7 and 8.1 on non-Skylake devices -- Microsoft is now going to support fully Skylake-based devices up until the end of the previously stated support cut-off dates.

    For Windows 7, extended support ends on January 14, 2020. For Windows 8.1, extended support ends on January 10, 2023. (Extended support means the period during which users will get regular security updates from Microsoft for free.)


  53. Matthew Hughes, unabashed Metrosoft bootlicker par excellence. Congrats on the intended snow job. Amazing some of the things you've professed in this article. You must think we're all gullible lemmings out here in Computerland. So here's a dose of reality for you my man: Nadella and ham-fisted shills like you aren't fooling anyone in the know. All this highlights is Redmond's continued strong-arming of any perceived opposition in their path, a history of abuse which blithely continues unabated to this day.

    • typical of media bias...this is an attack on users so windows can data mine us to death.....shame on this article the media should rise in arms against this anti consumer measure....but no......bootlicking windows

  54. HahaHahaHA!, good laugh, thanks but I am staying in W7 and then go to Mac+Linux.

    • thats what i did. i use ubuntu now. il gladly sacrifice my fancy windows only accessory rather than my privacy.

      • I dual boot between linux mint and winblows 7. Winblows for one game, everything else is mint.

  55. I will be using windows 7 until it is unsupported in 2021 ( AS WAS PROMISED BY MICROSOFT). If by the end of this perioud no better windows version has been released that isn't a huge POS like windows 10 I will either switch to MAC, or Linux like everyone else. No one wants this privacy invasive, unusable junkware, spyware called windows 10. Its the present NO one asked for. We just want a normal desktop OS and we will go elsewhere to get it if thats what it takes.

    Article writes like this who are CLEARLY being paid by a company should be fired.

    • Just install Linux today and start finding alternative software for your needs. Don't wait until support ends and you have to rush it.
      And try different distros if the first thing you try doesn't work for you.

  56. This article was written by a hack who absolutely does not understand the views of the individuals he seeks to capture in his audience... It was so poorly written I couldn't even finish it, I'm not getting paid to grade this garbage or take him to school....

    I sense a second coming of linux in the near future...

    • its alredy here. once windows 7 installation failed on my kaby lake cpu i made a decision to change to linux ubuntu and i am staying that way from now on.

  57. What a lot of bull. 10 is bloatware and spyware and apps that are gimmicks. Your article (how much did MS pay you for it) has convinced me to exactly opposite, do not touch that shite with a barge pole. As for better security, we all know how reliable MS is with their brokenware that is always pushed on customers without it really being fit for purpose and how it takes years to try to sort out various cock-ups. MS only think about MS and profit, customer only being a captive audience.
    I have always done the same thing when first installing new OS, blocked anything MS in firewall, and have always taken care of my own security as MS could not be relied on.
    I, for one, will no longer be upgrading my hardware or software as I have just bought Skylake and have incredible difficulty installing W7 due to MS and Intel collusion to force us to go W10 route.
    The whole thing is a rip-off, we are paying for things we do not want just so MS and Intel can further secure domination of the market. Just look at it, built in sound and graphics which no gamer wants, cloud services – gimmick, touch screen – gimmick, apps that try to sell you things that you can get lot cheaper elsewhere, etc. etc.
    MS forgets that majority of their customers are not businesses but individuals and many, just like I, build their own PCs so failure to supply “security” upgrades to all but few (3?) companies goes to show how little do they actually care about vast majority of their sitting duck customers.
    However, MS will most likely do well as vast majority of sheeple out there are not even aware how big brother is watching them and ripping them off.
    I have stopped buying games when I could no longer play single player without having Steam account and I know at least a dozen others in my area who did the same. If I could do that then I sure can live without windows as well. Linux here I come.

    • AMEN!

  58. 'Its flaws run much deeper than that. It just wasn’t all that good. Unlike Windows 10, there’s no integrated support for Microsoft’s cloud services, and no app store. It lacks the battery-saving and performance-enhancing tweaks of newer versions of Windows, and it isn’t optimized for touch-screen devices. In comparison to Windows 10, Windows XP has dated very unfavorably.'

    Wow. I'm not saying XP should still be used, but having cloud services and the store integrated instead of being a seperate APP and all the garbage and control taken away from the end use is exactly why I'd like to use Windows 7 for as long as possible.

    • Yes.

  59. Wait, seriously? 'This is actually a really good move for Microsoft, and an even better move for consumers.' Are you people truly that daft?

    Security concerns aside, they're forcing their adware and spyware (telemetry) down our throats, and forbidding us from disabling it per their EULA and even remotely block any future updates to your system if you manually block/disable the spyware bullshit.. How in the hell are you supporting this?

    This reeks of a paid article and I think avoiding MUO is 'an even better move for consumers.'

  60. I'll be using Window 8 (with Start 8 to have the XP start menu and no Metro) forever. Windows 10, no thank you. The horizontal battery meter creeps me out and the control panel being phased out by an 'app' is just disgusting. I can always keep a build of windows 10 and not update it (disable the Windows Update service, work even on Home edition to stop updates), but I'd rather just cloner over my Windows 8 system onto a new Coffee Lake, Ice Lake, whatever I may get laptop from my old laptop and install the drivers to get the hardware working.
    Granted I'll get more power consumption and no updates but it's not a big deal for me. I disabled updates on my Windows 8 install for years and when I run a portable virus scanner, nothing is found. I understand vulnerabilities having been exploited on my machine can be undetectable but I am not worried.
    If I can't install, I'll look up on the web how to hack the .iso to get it working. If it's really impossble by the internet community, I won't upgrade my hardware. But I very much doubt Windows 7/8 will go ballistic over a new x86 architecture, refusing to install, or refusing to boot up after cloning from another machine. RAID to no RAID controller, AHCI/legacy vice versa can cause it but otherwise..

    And Westmere(tick) & Sandy Bridge(tock) were the first Intel CPUs to have a GPU onboard, not any of the Core duo or Core 2 Duo CPUs.

  61. This really is an insulting article. It would be less so if it didn't read like the ad copy from their PR department.

    I've already experienced Windows 10's supposed 'perfection' when it's forced self-updating BS got it locked in a loop where it decided to upgrade my drivers, which crashed, and then couldn't be rolled back to the previous driver preventing me from continuing work and missing a deadline costing me a $1000 contract job.

    There's a reason why sometimes people don't want to 'keep updating' their systems. Because Microsoft releases broken software. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Forcing people at gunpoint to update doesn't solve problems for us when it BREAKS OUR SYSTEMS and STOPS US FROM DOING WORK. There is a reason why sometimes we want to postpone updates until we feel we might be willing to take the risks. Or why sometimes we don't even update something at all fearing what will happen.

    That's before we get into things like privacy violations, and forced EULA's 'oh we will just update this software for you - oh we have some new features you dont even want - oh now you cant shut them off - click here to legally accept total responsibility for what you didn't want even if it screws up your marriage, career, investments, or anything else'. Microsoft has never been about user choice, user freedom, or even basic respect.

    What other things will be rammed down our throats in the future? Maybe they'll decide everyone should be policed for their online speech so they'll put in a backdoor watching you as you type. Or they'll decide to break your old software (an old Microsoft trick going back to the Windows 3.11 days - always with 'plausible deniability' that somehow 100% of the time conveniently benefits their bottom line by breaking all competitors software but never their own with every update) to force you to buy new software even though your old software worked fine for what you had to do with it, or maybe you even NEEDED that old software for some special use which they don't care about like compatibility with some legacy system. Not to worry, here's Microsoft with a sledgehammer, ready to make that square peg fit the round hole whether it wants to or not.

    Were Microsoft less known for d_ckbag behavior this wouldn't be as bad. But they are. So stop trying to sell me on it.

  62. I still use Win 7 Prof on my older laptop and bought a new one earlier this year that runs Win 7. I prefer it because it allows me to use Virtual XP which runs my old graphics programs like a charm. I do not want to have to go to the expense of buying all new programs for the bit of graphics I do, or have to learn to use all new programs for the bit of graphics I do. The only other use I have for my computers is email, researching family genealogy and using a genealogy program to document, and some online games and internet search. It rankles me to feel forced to change what I have when it suits me just fine because a company decides something like this.

  63. Is this a joke article? It must be. The line about Windows XP not being that good because it didn't have an app store sealed the deal for me.

    • I laughed out loud on that one, luckily i wasn't drinking anything at the time.

  64. Wow, could this clown be any more of a shill for Windows 10 if he tried? It's practically self-parody at this point.

  65. Win7 is the last good desktop OS Microsoft made, and since we've been burdened with these ever worse touch focused, user distrusting piles of poo. This site seems to be a complete shill in order to sell everyone on win10.

    I'd rather use an unpatched win7 to the bitter end than have to use win10.

  66. This sounds like a horrible idea. Windows 7 will still run on Skylake (and I assume) Kaby Lake processors, but will merely stop getting security upgrades? So people using these systems will be unwittingly put in danger? Will there be warnings sent to them telling them they need to upgrade their software, or will they simply stop receiving updates years before other Win7 users?

    This move is making me a) postpone purchasing new MB/CPU hardware, and b) making me seriously consider Linux or other alternatives. Gaming is really the only thing stopping me from going Linux now, and I think that market is only growing.

  67. This has convinced me to install Linux on modern hardware and to run XP in a VM for compatibility. I hope those capitalist Mi€ro$oft arseholes suffocate in their bloody Windows 10!

  68. Are we allowed to say 'horseshit' on here? Because it's horseshit. All versions of Linux continue to work on all of these CPUs and this limitation is completely *completely* artificial.

    • Agreed!

    • not true linux don't work on my new pc

      • No offense. But I'm sure it is you; not the cpu.

  69. I use to have one windows 7 computer now all computers in the house use 10 or XP. XP is offline of course for retro gaming that nigher 7 or 10 will run. 7 is good for a lot of people I never liked it.

  70. As time goes on and new hardware advancements are brought to the PCs, the OS has to change internally in order to keep up. This means that the future Windows OSs will be internally/architecturally different than the current Windows 10 design. So even if the Windows 10 name will persist, I don't see how the Windows OS architecture will remain the same in order to support all the PCs starting from now and going into the future. The point is that Windows will change as it has until now (starting form early versions like win 3.1, 95, ... to win 8.1 and win 10) to support newer and newer hardware.
    I don't see how the name (Windows 10) will stay the same because it will cause confusion between future hardware that will be outdated as newer future hardware enters the market, with different specs and capabilities.

    And a lot of users hate Windows 10 and don't upgrade (even from the nice Win7) because they value their privacy and they know that with Windows 10 MS tries to make money by getting and using (and maybe selling to other companies) your private data (information about you do on your PC/phone or information about your person ).
    Plus, the forced updates are a bad idea considering past MS recent updates that caused problems for users.

    • All the 'spying' updates that you refer to in windows 10 has been in Windows 7 and 8. They have been there since couple months after windows 10 was release. 7 and 8 does not make you any safer/private than 10.

      • they can be uninstalled, or not installed at all. in win10 they're built into the kernel, there's no way to remove or block them.

    • It will probably be like the MacOS line. Mac OS X originally ran on PowerPC, if you recall. However, Apple abandoned PowerPC support in then named OS X 10.6 and 32-bit Intel support in 10.7. Current macOS only supports modern hardware.

      The OS changes as needed to keep things current and hardware support is added and dropped, but it doesn't have major revisions for very long periods of time.

  71. actually just how often are there security updates for processors, or even hardware in general. the occasional driver update sure. not that i can recall ever having to update a driver for a CPU. seem pretty much all the security updates have to do with software. and since its usually the hardware manufactures responsibility to provide drivers for chip-sets, audio, video and ect. they may have to send them to MS for verification and to be added to the windows update list. but to my knowledge MS does not develop drivers for amd or nivida as an example. this whole thing smells of BS from MS.

  72. As much as I like this site I am starting like this site, It seems that this site has an obvious strong bias towards windows 10 and disowning one of the best OS's windows ever made. . . aka windows7. I do tech support and doing support on windows 8 or 10 is absolutely atrocious and not worth it. I am not the only one that feels this way and there are plenty of us real nerds that like real operating systems, not these dumbed downed tablets based OS's . . . . If I didn't know any better I would guess are getting paid to write raving reviews about windows lates crappy os. . . aka windows 10. . . . NOTE: I did even mention all the privacy issues.

  73. Why not let the market place and the end users dictate what OS they want to use? What ever happened to that idea? Instead we are force fed and controlled by an oligopoly.

  74. no one can force me to use windows 10, i hate the interface, i dont need app store since i never play games, and i dont need touch screen, in productive environment? nothing close up to keyboard and mouse, touch screen are for entertainment, angry birds

    the reason why we use pc, is that we hate forced update, this only happen with a mac

  75. I don't want integrated support for Microsoft’s cloud services. so m$ can see all My Data
    I don't want app store. So M$ can make a profit on the software I buy.
    LOL optimized for touch-screen devices have you tried working on a touchscreen device all day.

    I certainly don't want the windows 10 key-logger Trojan.

    Do you work for M$ this seems like the crap they spout whenever you visit them with their indoctrination. I guess they got you.this isn't tech journalism it's Microsoft Propaganda.

  76. The move towards 'Windows 10 only' for new CPU's forced me to:

    1) Immidiately stop updating my present PC to Windows 10
    2) Wont buy/build a new PC until support for Windows 7 ends (2020).

    I can understand, from a business point of view, why MS is pushing W10 so hard.
    One thing is the connectivity. MS will be able to control which mobile phone can interact with W10 (sms for instance). Others may have to pay (Androids etc) for this. And, which make me horrified, MS will have full insight in all users privacy! Wethjer you ar using a phone, pc, tablet or ... It's horrifying for three reasons:

    1) Sooner or later hackers will know how to get access...
    2) Goverments already know how to
    3) There are individuals who have protected ID's (by law)... MS and the likes doesn't seem to give them (or anyone else) opt out to avoid intrusion in privacy!

  77. Well, the privacy is certainly a concern with Windows10 compared to other Windows versions. On top of that because of the licensing, you cannot move a license from one machine to another in case the motherboard dies, or you decide to scrap the hardware. Windows10 in it's own way is good as long as you do not know/want/need anything else. But on the other hand when you look over the fence, there's Linux that fully respects your privacy and they do not force you to do anything. You sure have to upgrade every 6 months depending on the distribution, but you don't do it because it's broken. You get an upgraded OS every time and it feels like a new car. Every single time. And you look forward to the next upgrade. It's like buying a new PC. And it is PERSONAL. So...Windows10? Think again. Windows!? Not a chance for me!

  78. Another Click Bait Title - Hard To Find An Article With An Honest Title About This Issue.

    A - Choose Motherboards ( MB ) With Many PCIEXPRESS16 Slots And You Will Have Lots Of Used Cards With The Drivers You Need, Even If The ( MB ) Manufacturers Do Not Provide Them Anymore,

    B - Configure Your AV To Block And Warn You When Programs Are About To Be Run From The Temp Or Download Folders.

    Who Needs POS M$ **Updates** ? - I Have Not Used A Newer One Since The SUMMER Of 2009.


  79. I have just purchased a skylake CPU for a new pc build and i will be installing Win 7 and for as

    long as Microsoft are going to covertly collect data and share that with unknown 3rd parties ,

    invading my right of privacy whilst I'm using the computer ,I will not upgrade to windows 10

    They seem to have forgotten that PC stands for PERSONAL computer, and not Microsoft's

    I have always had full control over the O/S and what it does or doesn't do, like if or not it

    automatically downloads and or installs updates or not , there is also lots of things with Win 10
    and even 8.1 GUI wise that i wouldn't wish to use and can't be un-installed ,I seriously hope

    that windows 7 & 8.1 users tell Microsoft were to go with this , As for patches and security

    updates go, I'm still running XPSP3 on my old box,Party because it's old ,and i have several

    older games that use EAX 2.0, Win 7 doesn't support Direct sound 3d hardware

    acceleration they omitted it in their wisdom (idiots) Microsoft I will do as i wish ,i will not be

    intimidated by your corporate nonsense , remove your corporate spy-ware from win 10 and

    I may just consider it but the end user is the one who keeps you in business they therefore

    should have choice, not only in which o/s the use, but have the choice to remove the bloat

    from your newer 8.1 and 10 o/s not only be able to disable some of it,

  80. This nothing more than a Microsoft attempt to force people to use Win 10. The insecure Windows code will still be insecure, no matter what chip it runs on. Looks like desperation move on the part of M$. Since they cannot compete with other O/Ss on the basis of quality and security, they will make sure that only their O/S runs on the latest chips. Reminds me of the days of 'Windows isn't done until DR-DOS won't run.'

  81. @Sonic Jensen : Actually games might not work on it same as when it went from 8 to 8.1 and broke a lot of compatibility. I imagine it will hold the same when say upgrading from 10 to 10.1 and beyond as they say they are going to do. 10 is a huge pile of steaming crap also.

  82. It Is Time for multiple billion dollar federal class action law suits against Microsofts Monpoly, and antitrust law suits for there interference in the free markets. Its time for Microsoft to be broken of its hold on the american people. And privacy and freedom returned to the people.

  83. I despise Win 10 with it's app store and cloud integration. How can this be considered progress of technology, taking the last bit of our privacy away? I'll definitely hang on to Win 7 as long as I can despite the improved security mechanisms and faster overall performance of Win 10. I just have more freedom of choice with 7, and that's what it's all about.

  84. What about those of us that use alternative OS's? Will there be versions of the cpu's that will work with those?

    • 'Will there be versions of the cpu’s that will work with those?'
      Not if Microsoft has anything to say about it. :-)

  85. All this means is that Microsoft won't supply device drivers for newer CPUs, leaving Intel/AMD to do the job. As long as the system boots up to install the driver pack, Windows will still work fine.

  86. I've been running the same first gen Intel core 2 quad for many years in my desktop that I built a while back. It runs Windows 7 perfectly fine. I might upgrade to 10 at some point in the next few months just because I can and it's probably a good idea to do it sooner than later.

    My real question is would I be able to upgrade hardware in my desktop in the future and still use my existing Windows 7 license key to install Windows 10 when the time comes, if I want to upgrade to a larger SSD, or a new motherboard and CPU? I'd like to use the license that I already paid for instead of having to pay for a new license. I've always done this in the past. Just reinstall on a new drive. Microsoft hasn't really said anything about this to the best of my knowledge.

  87. If windows 10 is the last version we get. Then im kinda glad, all the games than will be made, all run fine on windows 10. And since we dont need windows 11 or whatever. all the windows 10 games will run fine 10 years from now .

  88. it's just going to make people even more Grumpy about upgrading to Ten

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