Download Here ‘My Dear Melancholy’ The Weeknd New Album (2018) The Weeknd’s been sharing an extensive measure of looks generally studio sessions. He’s been wearing down his fast approaching accumulation yet like most things he does, it’s been a mystery. The Weeknd Trilogy Album Free Download Zip DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1). The Weeknd: ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ Album Stream & Download – Listen Now! Surprise - The Weeknd's new album is out! After announcing just a few hours ago that he would be dropping his new.

Travis Scott and The Weeknd are both right now taking a shot at their next collections, and both are trailed by an expansive flood of suspicion. The Weeknd will catch up his ultra-fruitful Starboy LP while Trav has been prodding Astroworld for quite a long time. It would seem that both could be coming this year and Abel’s undertaking has just gotten adulated by La Flame. Travis took to Twitter to share his musings on The Weeknd’s prospective full-length exertion, tweeting, “Abel new collection is scray [sic]. It resembles when I initially heard him out of the blue. Fuckkkkkk !!!!!”

The message has gotten us and enthusiasts of the two craftsmen fed to hear any conceivable mysteries, bits or authority singles from the collection. Enthusiasts of Abel’s darker music from his prior years may take this tweet as a sign that he is diverting his past work on the new task as Travis brings up that he’s listening ability his voice out of the blue once more.

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The Weeknd and Travis Scott have worked broadly with each other previously, making “Supplicate 4 Love” and “Superb” for Cactus Jack’s earlier discharges. It is likely that the two will cooperate on one or even both of their up and coming collections. The truth will surface eventually if Travis’ cases are right and that Weeknd’s collection is really unnerving great. We’ll trust him for the present.

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Before he drops two new singles later tonight, The Weeknd has shared the tracklist for his next album, “Starboy.”

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The Weeknd New Album Free Mp3 Download

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At some point tonight, The Weeknd will release two new singles, “Party Monster” and “I Feel It Coming,” off his upcoming album, Starboy. As shown on the song’s cover artwork, “I Feel It Coming” will feature Daft Punk, the robotic duo that also contributed to the titular single, released in September. There’s still no sign of either song, and fans might have to stick it out until the midnight hour, around the time when The Weeknd usually finds his groove. Before the bout of new music, though, he has awoken early to share the full tracklist for Starboy, with features included. In addition to Daft Punk, there are three more features, each of them highly intriguing. Lana Del Ray guests on “Stargirl Interlude,” Kendrick Lamar on the subsequent track — “Sidewalks,” and Future on “All I Know.”Arriving after Beauty Behind the Madness’ “Prisoner” as well as “Low Life,” which appeared on Future’s EVOL, it’s presumed that two of the above collaborations will be killer. The one Kendrick Lamar is the wild card. Ditching the Drake feature for something more “conscious,” “Sidewalks” just might turn out to be the album’s best track. But first, “Party Monster” and “I Feel It Coming.”Starboy is set for release on November 25.

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