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Starting Out With Visual C#: Coding Exercises for Beginners – Putting theory to practice and improving your C# skills by coding 95 small Windows Form Desktop apps. UPDATE 7/16/2017 – Lesson 65 Population Data Analyzer contained code that produced incorrect output. I re-filmed the lesson, and updated the source code, too. The Starting Out With series includes introductory textbooks covering Programming Logic and Design, C++, JavaTM, Microsoft® Visual Basic®, Microsoft® C#, Python, App Inventor, and Alice, all published by Pearson. Starting out with Visual C# (4th Edition) (609) by Tony Gaddis and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. Starting out with Visual C# 4th Edition by Tony Gaddis and Publisher Pearson. Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 433,. The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 609,. Buy or Rent Starting out with Visual C# as an eTextbook and get instant access. With VitalSource, you can save up to 80% compared to print.

This is an excellent book if you are new to C++ or even if you have some prior programming experience. It covers numerous topics and a lot of the information can be generalized to other programming languages as well. My one major complaint is that the author/publisher have only made the appendices and extra materials available for 6 months with a special online code, only one of which comes with the book. If you need a new code, you have to spend upwards of $20 for it. In case you purchase a used copy of this book, the code will likely already have been used. Isn't the point of buying a book so that you get all of the information in one place without having to pay ANOTHER $20 for a new code which only works for a limited time? Limited time literature, seriously? Stupid.

Decent but wouldn't have bought if I didn't need it

By Bennieon Nov 17, 2014

I had to buy this book for my class, and it's just alright. It takes you through the steps when you're starting out with c++, however, it is lacking in some areas, and doesn't always explain the purpose well of some of the coding. It hasn't changed much since previous versions, and If it wasn't for the fact that I needed it to get the homework assignments, I probably wouldn't have bought it, as there are plenty of good, free, resources online.

This book is extremely helpful when you are learning C++. I wish I could keep it longer. The only irritation is sometimes the layout of the C++ examples is a little confusing but that is because the examples are longer than a single page. If you can, I suggest the online edition, that can make things a little easier. Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

Love this book. I cannot go a day without reading this and trying out the algorithm workbench/programming challenges etc. it is clear, understandable, well organized, and easy to follow. I would recommend this book to any of my friends. I was going to sell this book back at the end of the semester, but now I'm not so sure I want to part with it :).

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By Musicjunkie145on Sep 22, 2013

To preface my comments with a bit of information about my perspective/experience when reviewing this book: Last semester I took Introduction to Computer Science and Logic. This semester I'm taking Fundamentals of Computer Programming (Level I), and this was our chosen textbook (currently I'm 5 chapters in out of 20 total, although we will only be covering up to Ch. 11 this semester, and the next course level up, covers Chapters 12-20). In the larger scheme of things, I'm a newbie to the subject, which definitely lends a certain connotation to my review. If you're a beginner to learning this particular language, but have a bit of experience with logic in programming, and looking for the kind of book that can walk you through C++ from beginning to end, this book is for you. If you've already recently spent 6+ months specifically with C++ before, I unfortunately may not be the best person to accurately evaluate if this book is for you. For people like myself who hate 'filler' in textbooks, this book is great. There's no boring stories about the author's family, or how programming will help you better adapt to the changing world around you, they don't tell you how such and such programs were invented, it's all straight to the chase information without being hard to digest like a technical manual. They assume going in that you have an understanding of how programming logic should work, and aside from that they teach you everything you need to know from the ground up about the C++ language, assuming you have never seen it before. Each page teaches you a concept/rule/syntax/language verbiage, describes in paragraph format how it works, when to use it (and not use it - usually emphasized with little text boxes that say Warning! that shows how incorrect usage can cause program errors), and exceptions to it. That paragraph is then followed by 1-3 examples of a full program (how you would type it into a compiler), and just below that, how it would look to the user in the output screen with their input entered. It's the kind of teaching style that makes it nearly impossible to not end the chapter fully understanding what the author was trying to convey. Trust me, my professor is rather hands off, but because he's chosen this textbook which so clearly explains everything I need to know, I haven't really needed him... If you don't get it when reading the original paragraph, you will understand it when you see the first or second example. Not to mention for someone like myself who needs textbooks to follow a certain pattern in their visual layout that readily identifies what are the key concepts, the side notes, and just extra examples, with tables breaking down what you need to memorize, text boxes highlighting must know information, and practice problems at the end of every chapter, this book is beautiful, point blank - there is a reason why it's a #1 best seller. And to clarify, it isn't handled in a kiddy K-12 textbook style either. There aren't 'bold terms', pictures (except for very few, albeit necessary diagrams sporadically throughout the chapters), and again, other 'nonsense filler' like that. When I say beautiful layout, I mean beautiful like how you were taught to write papers in college, using bold, large headers, proper indentation when separating smaller concepts as part of a whole, font changes when listing examples as compared to explanations, and text boxes to separate out ideas as necessary. It is not just a wall of text that you're hard pressed to figure out how to study/take notes on. Long story short, rambling about format aside, I bought this book at the beginning of the semester with the intention to sell it back when I was done. This far into it, I've had a change of heart, and I'd rather keep the book. If I ever meet someone who wants to learn C++, I'm going to hand this book to them, and say it's the best I've seen for that purpose so far. I would highly recommend getting it if you'd like to learn the language.

I bought this as my daughter's text book for an introductory C++ class, but skimmed it since I frequently program in C++. It is thorough and should be easy to follow. I learned a few things. I only give it four stars becase of typeset (?) errors in the sections on text formatting, which make those sections confusing for someone not already familiar with the language. Incorrect justification/spacing/alignment make a difference when trying to teach text formatting. I can't compare this to other C++ textbooks since I never read one before. It is long (1200+ pages?) and not suitable as a reference book.

I quite enjoyed this book for my first two C++ classes. It was very well written and easy to understand. The only negative thing I have to say is the answers to the chapter questions ARE NOT on the publisher's website anymore. They were during my first CS class but at the beginning of this year the answers were removed from the companion site. I questioned customer service about it and the representative could give me no explanation but said someone from another department would email me back, never did. They need to remove 'answers to chapter questions' from the preface of the book since they are not providing them. It's fraudulent.

This was my first C# book. It was for my first C# class in college. This is a GREAT book to get started with C#. I realize it's a little dated at this point, but the concepts are still true and this will give you a very solid C# foundation. I keep this book at work and lend it to coworkers when they show an interest in C#. There are several books on this topic, but this does a really good job as a textbook and provides very clear and concise examples.

this is an excellent book for absolute beginners ,people who never programmed in any programming language before.if you have programmed in any language before you still can use this book but you will find yourself reading pages and pages of redundent info (you can cram through them as i did).the author do a very good job explaining stuff to the reader. this book is highly recommended. what i liked : clear explanation of concepts ,beginner friendly. what i disliked : no major comlplaines,maybe the author could explain some software engineering side of things. i would like to make a clear disclaimer here : this book is beginner level book ,you probably will not be able to make your dream program using only this book ,but rather you need to add another intermediate to advanced book to your arsenal . good luck

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Excellent texbook - I am seriously considering purchasing it outright.

By Alexon Dec 21, 2014

After renting it for a semester, I feel that this is an excellent textbook. What may be dry material for some is made very interesting with relevant examples and real world applications. Additionally, the author does not add any kind of fluff in order to increase page count - the material stays on point all the time. Highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to jump into C++ or that wants to take a good refresher course.

I bought this book as it required for C++ at school during this past summer. It's definitely a good book, easy to understand and along with my awesome professor help made this past summer school a dream come true. One might find his coding is too 'simple and redundancy' but it is perfect for beginner like myself. I like Tony Gaddis books so much that I bought 'Starting out with Java' to self study and now I'm currently programming my own Android apps. Since the coding in his books are too simple I recommend supplement your learning from different author such like 'Ivor Horton'.

This is a great book that lays a solid foundation for future programming classes. It is written in a way that makes it easier to understand than other programming books. The video examples on the companion website are also very helpful. I will keep this textbook for reference.

Okay so I bought this book for my programming class at school and it was significantly cheaper compared to the school's bookstore. The book itself is great, it's clear and understandable. However, the access code did not work at all. Although in the description the book was said to also come with MyProgrammingLab, it did not actually in fact. Instead it came with a code to just video notes for the book. After continuously calling Pearson's help support, in the end they were unable to help me, so sadly I had to just buy another access code for the lab. Overall, the amount I paid for this book and the access code for MyProgrammingLab came to be over the school bookstore's amount. Although the textbook itself is pretty good, if you expect MyProgrammingLab to come with it, be horribly disappointed.

I rented this book and it was visibly used, but not in too bad of shape. I haven't yet started my college semester, but this book appears to cover a ground up approach to computer science starting with the hardware and physical components that make all of software possible and then goes as far as to cover pointers, structs, and basic object oriented programming principles (I am starting my degree with some prior knowledge on this subject matter).

Very extensive; the only issue I have is that it is extremely similar to the previous iteration of the book, and is, therefore, not worthy of the high price tag..

Visual C# Fourth Edition Answers

Bought the textbook for a class. Worked fine and had all the material I needed.

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Excellent condition. I am currently using it in college.