Feb 1, 2017 - SQL Server 2016 Setup: Installation Type. Under Shared Features mark Integration Services and click Next: SQL Server 2016 Setup: Feature. I have been requested to import & export some SSIS Packages in SQL Server 2016 from one server to another server. I have not touched SSIS in a long time and it has changed. Improves MS SQL Database Performance SQL Server Integration Services: Business Intelligence. Marked as answer by lcerni Thursday, April 20, 2017 2:41 PM.

I've installed SQL Server 2016 (Standard Edition) on a Windows Server 2016, selecting Integration Services to be installed too. I've also installed SSMS and SSDT from the same installation media.

I am running SSMS as administrator and can connect to the local Database engine.

My user is a Windows and SQL Server admin.

However I cannot connect (explicitly using the server name) or even browse to the local Integration Services?

Receiving the following error.

Having already searched for an answer to this problem, many suggest checking that the service is running etc. which can be seen in the Services and SQL Configuration Manager.

I've also tried turning off the Windows Firewall to establish if that is the cause of the problem but it had no effect.

Sql Server 2016 Integration Services Download

Anyone got any ideas what might be preventing it from being accessible?


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I've had this problem last month. In my case I had to install the 32-bit version of access database engine (on my 64 bit windows).

Sql data tools works with 32-bit

Sql Server 2016 Integration Services Download For Mac

Microsoft sql server 2016 integration services download

The later SSMS versions (16.x and 17.x) will only connect to their respective versions SQL 2016 and SQL 2017. Microsoft is planning to retire the older method in favor of the SSISDB, which is more secure.


I have had the same problem and the solution was to install the old interface on top of the existing one (SQL Server Management Studio 2016). Here's link to the installation file. After having installed this, I can now connect to the integration services. You will have to set it up of course and give yourself Rights


Integration Services Hyper-v

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