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Preview — Right Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit

Twenty-six year old Nandini Sharma is a girl who, like most girls in India, has been taken over by Bollywood. She falls for her neighbour Aditya Sarin. He is filthy rich and fairly intelligent. She mocks death and suffers for love. Right Fit Wrong Shoes may be Indian to the core, but contains urban language. The humorous book will have you laughing so hard that it will bri...more
Published February 1st 2009 by Rupa Co.
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Right Fit Wrong Shoe By Varsha Dixit Pdf Download Torrent Full

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Aug 30, 2011Sundeep Supertramp rated it really liked it
First of all, a close friend of mine recommended this book to me. Reading the description of the book, I was sure that this is a girl material. I was so bored by reading the description. I am not very much into girlie stuff. But this sounded too much.
First of all, the language was not so good for me. It was so complex. It had lot of shortcuts which not a even a text-junkie like me was able to understand. It takes lot of effort to complete dialogue.
Secondly, when I started reading the book, I was
Jun 30, 2012Ameena Mohamed rated it really liked it
i took one about 5 hours to complete the book.....and was abnormal for atleast 2 weeks...
i fell madly in love with the hero...heroine and her best friend..
this book is completely bollowood style....with the flashbacks and all....yeah the reason for thebreak up seems a little i love reading...i love most of the genres..and most of all i am an indian teenager..
Why would'nt i love it..????!!
Nov 28, 2018Tam_ the_ med_bookie rated it it was amazing
#bookreview : Right Fit Wrong Shoe(2009)
By Varsha Dixit
*Pages: 234
*Price: ₹195 @rupa_publications *Genre: Romance/Humour
This has remained my most fav rereads ever!
This is the story of Nandini whose family is as filmy as it gets.
She has some stiff ideas about 'love' and relationships.
Then, DANG!!! Enters Aditya Sarin, the so called 'perfect' guy.
It all started with hate and nitpicking...and then BAM! 'They' happened.
Some misunderstandings in between, some years of heartbreak, deaths in the close
There are some books which are interesting. There are some books which are boring yet worth reading. And there are books like this which are utterly stupid!
I don't understand from which century women began finding abusive men attractive but this trend is purely disgusting. Let me list out the reasons why this book is NOT a good read.
1) Cliched attractive protagonists.
2) Abusive love interest.
3) Annoying Bella-Swan type protagonist.
4) Cliched dramatic grand events.
5) Abusive love interest who co
Disclaimer: I received a paperback from the author via The Book Club in return for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the same.
The story is set in Kanpur and begins with Nandini working as head of design in a private firm along with her BFF Sneha. Both are hardworking women. While Sneha is married with a little son, Nandini is unmarried and lives with her parents.
Into the scene enters Aditya, who takes over the company. He makes a few changes keeping back all the s
Jan 24, 2014Srikari rated it it was amazing

Right Fit Wrong Shoe By Varsha Dixit Pdf Download Torrent 2017

cutest love story ever!!!!!!!
crap....masala type
Jan 30, 2014Vikas rated it liked it
This was nice little book but same old story yet told in a better way. rom-com served in a fast little book and I liked it immensely. It needs to be revisited in near future.
First impressions can often be misleading, and sometimes starkly in contrast to the actual reading experience. The book's cover was a pleasant yellow tone, with the silhouettes adding just enough mystery element to create the right amount of intrigue and elicit a second glance. Right Fit Wrong shoe is a quirky title that made me wonder if perhaps, the industry has evolved into some offbeat, completely unique books that fall under the 'romance' category by maybe not be one of the
Feb 17, 2016Rubina rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Varsha Dixit's Only Wheat not White and the “aura” of her being 3 times Bestseller writer of Rupa Publications raised my expectations a lot for Right Fit Wrong Shoes. Before I go further let me point out clearly a few oddities [or should I say the norm nowadays] this novel has-
The Bollywood setting where you can almost see a Raj and Simran dancing around the trees. Her usage of dialogues “Abe palat” added to the ambiance. If you read the blurb of the story, words like “BFF” and “millennium bhehe
Right fit wrong shoe is the typical Bollywood styled tale of a man and women who have a love hate relationship. Our protagonist Nandini is the smart woman who works for an Ad agency which is taken over by her arch “enemy” Aditya. The man much to his reputation makes it his life mission to make her miserable. What could possibly be the explanation for his erratic behavior? Obvious isn’t it. Nandini and Aditya have an history – one from which either of them have moved on emotionally. What follows...more
Jul 29, 2015Rakhi Jayashankar rated it really liked it
I have always been a fan of love- hate relations. The irresistible love and ever repulsive hatred used to pump up my veins with a rush of adrenaline. Nandini and Aditya's love is so touching and rendered palpably. I have become a fan of author's narration. The quirky humor and snappy hurdle of words leave us panting with zest.
Author herself hints through one of the characters about the overworked mills and boons tales of Celebrity meets and undiscovered stunner, which works out as a justificatio
While reading ‘Right Fit Wrong Shoe’, I often remembered an Indian television sitcom which was aired by Star Plus-“Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Do”; the similarities in both storylines are striking. Of course the sitcom had plenty other twists and turns, otherwise it would have been impossible to prolong the simple story for couple of years.
What I’m trying to say is that the book plot has a lot of clichés, the usual humdrum of the sweet, pretty-little-girl-next-door falling for the rich, spoilt, handsom
The editing is way too laxed. Punctuation marks are erratically thrown around, often ending up changing the meaning of sentences. As if that wasn't enough, the story line is so jumpy, with POV pronouns adding to the already created confusion, that finishing this book needs some effort.
The book is a quick read, with the author not choosing to dwell on unnecessary stuff but sometimes it became so quick that I felt I was reading the outline for a scene rather than the scene itself. The end lacks th
Okay fellow readers.. first thing first..
This book released 2009. Where the hell was I that time? :D
Anyway, I regret that I read it soo late, but the wait was totally worth it!
So, here's the deal :-
Entertainment -- 4/5
Romance -- 4.5/5 (not just the mush-mush type! :))
Humor -- 3.5/5
Family drama -- 2.5/5 (which is surprisingly good, coz the lead characters get more time together!)
Office gupshup -- 3/5
Friendship -- 4/5
Aditya's angry young man avatar - 5/5. loved him.. <3 <3
Chemistry b/w the l
Oct 23, 2013Devdoot De Roy rated it really liked it
this book was long pending in my to-read list and it was gathering loads of dust. didnt think i would ever read this book, but one fine day i just picked it up and started reading it. honestly, i liked this one a lot, and would definitely recommend to everyone especially my indian friends as its a full time pass book...totally filmi with some amazing dialogues and monologues. have to say this, but i found it better than even Chetan Bhagat novels, who is considered as the King of modern Indian wr...more
Pure desi book! I loved it, and I loved Aditya and Nandini and the sizzling chemistry! Haha loved it!!!!! So cute and so funny!!!!!
I think this book has a very beautiful romance! Highly recommend it for die-hard romance novel lovers :)
A pretty average bollywood inspired book .... !! Filmy, cheesy and melodramatic .... had some fun moments ... but otherwise was a very tweeny book to read with very low content quotient ... !!!
Disclaimer: The review was written circa 2010.
It is perhaps poetic justice that an author with the surname of Dixit should write a novel where the titles are borrowed from the movies of the Indian movie industry – reminding one acutely of a certain diva from the industry who shares the surname. This novel, Varsha Dixit's Right Fit Wrong Shoe might not be as graceful as the other Dixit's dances, nor as beautiful, but it will have a certain attraction for those readers besotted by movies.
The stor
In one sentence, Mills and Boon meets Bollywood.
A breezy light-hearted love story set in small town India, Kanpur to be specific, features (rather, stars), pretty young girl-next door, Nandini and tall, loaded and handsome, son of neighbor, Aditya, in typical Bollywood setting. It is a desi version of the good old Mills And Boon stories that I used to read in my youth. It was refreshing to see the standard love story ingredients set in contemporary India with a jilted young man returning to wrea
Right Fit Wrong Shoe is a light-hearted entertaining book. It's the love story of a middle class girl Nandini and her rich neighbour Aditya. Initially the book seems to be boring with so much mystery who and what. Then as the story progresses, the interest builds. the crazy banter between Nandi and Adi is enjoyable. Nandini is an independent girl who works hard, and is very caring about her loved ones, she has phobia of public speaking but in one-on-one she has no match except Aditya. Aditya is...more
This is a perfect book to demonstrate Indian family drama and romance. This book is written in a beautiful yet a bit raw manner. If you're an Indian then you surely can relate to the plot in this book and would find all the sarcasms pretty apt. This is a young adult novel which is a great fit for someone who's just developing a reading habit and understands Hindi written in English letters.
The female protagonist is a pretty hard working and talented girl who has a history with the male protagon
It seems like a child has written this..maybe even they could have done a better job...this book is so shitty i am at a loss of words..please don't waste your time reading even a page of this garbage. Wish i could give it 0 stars
It's my go to go book when I want to build up my emotions 😍
Loved the book

Right Fit Wrong Shoe By Varsha Dixit Pdf Download Torrent Full

A short read.
I wish the author let her authors speak for themselves without her adding explanations or some titbits in between.
Sep 22, 2017Upma Singh rated it liked it · review of another edition
Good read
The book keeps you engrossed till end..but the language used is distracting. Good storyline and the moment between Adi and Nikita are well written.
Mar 22, 2017Fluencer rated it it was ok
I was reminded of this book after I read Fifty Shades of Grey. Two stars for effort and clever use of Bollywood film names as chapter titles.
What does a woman want? Shoes, sex, money or love? And RFWS shall give it to her. The story of Nandini or as her hesistant paramour describes her 'lassi in a wine glass' is set in Kanpur. Her spirit is undefeatable; she mocks certain death (Aditya) and suffers stoically for love (Aditya, again). Her accomplice in all her escapades is Sneha Verma that function as a chaddi-banyan friend and a BFF to her. It encases a young women's thoughts on the society she survives in.
RFWS isn't a particularly b
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Varsha Dixit, the best selling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed a...more

Right Fit Wrong Shoe By Varsha Dixit Pdf Download Torrent Free

“Aditya warned, 'Be careful Nandini. Don't fall in love with the wrong man or you'll die of a broken heart.” — 6 likes
“I believe in love but the kind which doesn't exist,' replied Nandini, only to become extremely self-conscious.” — 5 likes
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