1. Realplayer Cannot Download Youtube Videos
  2. Real Player Unable To Download Youtube Video
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  4. Real Player Unable To Download Video

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Jun 28, 2016 - A Few days ago, Realplayer downloader was working fine and now for lot of videos I am getting message as No videos found on that web.

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  • Realplayer keeps saying unable to download & record when trying to download Youtube videos.
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SATHU - - Latest reply: hnklbn - Jan 27, 2019 at 01:24 AM
I recently installed RealPlayer software SP. The 'download this video' icon appears and if I click on it to download my favorite video, it says 'unable to download'.
Earlier, I was able to download videos using the RealPlayer software. But, I am unable to use it now. Please help!
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approved by Ratnendra Ashok on Jan 23, 2019
Thank you
Please follow these steps:
  • Go to RealPlayer
  • File -> open and paste the youtube URL in the box.
  • Hit OK.
  • You will see the YouTube page in RealPlayer and it will allows you to download using its download option.

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i have a solution, follow what I say
1.select the video which you want to play,
2.then just type the word 'kick' into the address bar just before Youtube,
eg.you have the address 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXLdOw79pcM&feature=topvideos',
instead of this link just type 'kick' in front of youtube and press enter, there will appear a new window with the same video then just click on the download link tour download will be start
there is a other way just go to the video and click to the uploader name and find that video from there and try to download that you must be able to download the video
Thank you
I had the same problem. I've just downoaded new version of Real Player. and it works fine now!
Thank you
Real have said that because of YouTube's update, there is a problem downloading videos from Youtube.
The normal pages ARE effected
For example:
You can download by going to the uploaders channel and selecting the video.
BUT you get all weird code in the title and in the source link.
Real have said they are fixing it, but in the support, they wont say when its comming out.
Thank you
Here's the easiest proven method to capture those videos that RealPlayer Downloader no longer will download. First, download Youtube Downloader HD (yep, it's free). Run the program, set your default download sites, etc. Next go to the video you are having difficulty with and start to run it. As it's running right click on the video. One of your choices will be 'copy video URL at current time'. Click on that and paste it into the Video URL space in Youtube Downloader HD. Then on the lower right corner click on Download. Works every time.

Realplayer Cannot Download Youtube Videos

Thank you

Real Player Unable To Download Youtube Video

its issue from youtube itself I guess
and I would advise you all to use internet download manager to download FLV wherever it is,youtube or anyother video anywhere.
Thank you

Realplayer Downloader Won't Download Videos


Real Player Unable To Download Video

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