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Offspring (season 7)
Country of originAustralia
No. of episodes10
Original networkNetwork Ten
Original release28 June –
30 August 2017
Season chronology
List of Offspring episodes

The seventh and final season of Offspring, an Australiandramatelevision series, premiered on Network TEN on 28 June 2017.[1]

On 4 November 2016, the series was renewed for a seventh season set to air in 2017.[2] Production for the series began in March 2017 in Melbourne.[3]

  • 1Cast



  • Asher Keddie as Nina Proudman
  • Kat Stewart as Billie Proudman
  • Richard Davies as Jimmy Proudman
  • Deborah Mailman as Cherie Butterfield
  • Jane Harber as Zara Perkich Proudman
  • Linda Cropper as Geraldine Proudman
  • Alexander England as Harry Crewe
  • Alicia Gardiner as Kim Akerholt
  • TJ Power as Will Bowen


  • Ash Ricardo as Kerry Green
  • Shannon Berry as Brody Jordan
  • Lawrence Leung as Elvis Kwan
  • Sarah Peirse as Marjorie Van Dyke
  • Cate Wolfe as Jess
  • Isabella Monaghan as Zoe Proudman-Reid
  • Adrienne Pickering as Kirsty Crewe
  • David Roberts as Phil D'Arabont
  • Neil Melville as Drew Crewe


  • Osher Günsberg as The Bachelor Australia host


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateAustralian viewers
761'Happy Geraldine Day'Shirley BarrettJonathan Gavin28 June 20170.724[4]
Nina, now the acting head of obstetrics at St Francis, is overjoyed at Harry's return after spending time working in Guyana. Zara continues to struggle. Kerry and Billie unconsciously flirt with their latest client. Geraldine invites the whole family over for the latest Geraldine day, dropping a bombshell on them. Kim and Jess approach a new candidate for their sperm donor. Elvis is rattled while operating on a patient. Billie feels a sense of disconnect with Mick.
772'The End of an Era'Shirley BarrettLeon Ford5 July 20170.594[5]
Nina's competitive side comes out full force at Zoe's Father's Day picnic. Will and Kerry get a new addition to their family. Harry tries to introduce his sister Kirsty to Nina. Billie returns from London. Brody turns to the internet to diagnose Bob's health issues. Jimmy runs out of patience with Zara. Marjorie gives Geraldine a lesson on etiquette. Nina is in awe of a former co-worker whom she meets at a St Francis function.
783'Episode 3'Matthew MooreChristine Bartlett12 July 20170.459[6]
An overworked Nina is relieved that Martin and Cherie are finally returning, but Cherie gives Nina bad news. Harry pitches ideas to his dad to improve his workplace. Billie goes shopping for a mental health professional to help her with her grieving. Will and Kerry have their first fight. Zara and Jimmy have it out in public. While the ladies are out clubbing to forget their woes, Geraldine offers her own brand of support to both Jimmy and Will.
794'Episode 4'Matthew MooreAlice Bell19 July 20170.646[7]
Nina invites Harry's ex-girlfriend over for dinner. Kerry finds a candidate to serve as the first brick for Billie's sex wall. Darcy's bench disappears from the park, prompting Geraldine to go looking for it. Zara begs Kim for shifts at St Francis. Jimmy and Kerry make a huge mistake. Nina makes an offer to Harry.
805'Episode 5'Ben ChessellLeon Ford26 July 20170.559[8]
Harry arrives at Nina's with only 2 bags. Billie sees both Kerry and Jimmy acting weird. Nina thinks she just got Martin fired. Kerry finds another brick for Billie's sex wall. Kim prints out Cherie's correspondences to Martin. Will asks Jimmy to be his spontaneity guru. Nina is nervous about meeting Harry's whole family for dinner. Geraldine goes out for the evening but does reveal with whom. Brody tells Billie about how she feels about Jason.
816'Episode 6'Ben ChessellClaire Phillips2 August 20170.559[9]
Nina and Harry have unprotected sex, prompting the question of starting a family together. Billie makes a mistake with her latest brick on her sex wall and now needs to fix it. Jimmy & Kerry decide to come clean about their indiscretion. Nina covertly attends to two unofficial patients at St Francis. Harry submits his final recommendations for his father's company. Geraldine continues to act strangely. Zara pleads to Jimmy to come home. Will and Kerry meet for the first time after their big fight. With the support of the staff and Harry, Nina considers a step up in her career.
827'Episode 7'Shannon MurphyChristine Bartlett9 August 20170.618[10]
Nina has her job interview. Ray, with the help of Cherie, invites everyone to his 10th birthday party. Will calls Jimmy asking to meet him, sending a sense of dread through Jimmy. Zara and Jimmy's relationship takes another turn. Billie does not know if meeting with her company's handsome client is a business meeting or a date. Harry's mother tries to start the reconciliation process between Harry and his dad. Billie is still intrigued by her last brick of her sex wall, choosing to meet him again. Will experiences first-hand what it feels like to be part of the Proudman family as Kerry feels remorseful about it. Brody asks a huge favour to Billie regarding Jason.
838'Episode 8'Shannon MurphyAlice Bell16 August 20170.556[11]
Nina and Harry disagree on how to discipline Zoe. Billie offers her services to help Nina with the next step of her career. Cherie is disappointed with Martin. Jimmy and Will continue to have a frosty relationship. Billie meets a significant man from her past. Marjorie is the subject of an intervention. Nina, Kim, and Cherie help an expectant mother with a most difficult delivery. Nina has surprising news for Harry.
849'Episode 9'Peter SalmonLeon Ford23 August 20170.568[12]
Nina and Harry invite both their families for dinner to announce their news. Will decides to be spontaneous with Kerry. Nina meets the new head of Obstetrics. Billie decides to brush off her suitor in a grand manner. Zara starts her first day of her second stint of medical school. Brody discusses her immediate family plans with Billie. Geraldine unveils the identity of the man she's seeing. Will and Kerry have news of their own. Nina makes a snap career decision.
8510'Episode 10'Peter SalmonJonathan Gavin30 August 20170.545[13]
Nina feels pushed by Harry to tell Zoe the news. Cherie is torn between two choices for her side venture. Billie organizes a party for both Will and Kerry as well as for Nina and Harry. Geraldine explains her companion choice to Nina. Billie sets Nina up with a new career lead. Zoe moves both Harry and Nina with her request. Kerry reveals a secret to Will. Billie finds out the true identity of her suitor. Marjorie rectifies matters with Will. Zara gives Jimmy advice on his best career option. Ray finds a solution for Cherie and Martin. Phil D'Arabont gives Billie a gift. Nina contemplates a new career path.


EpisodeTitleOriginal airdateOvernight ViewersNightly RankConsolidated ViewersAdjusted Rank
1Happy Geraldine Day28 June 20170.724[4]7[4]0.879[14]7[14]
2The End of an Era5 July 20170.594[5]15[5]0.680[15]13[15]
3Episode 312 July 20170.459[6]17[6]0.602[16]12[16]
4Episode 419 July 20170.645[7]12[7]0.805[17]9[17]
5Episode 526 July 20170.559[8]17[8]0.686[18]13[18]
6Episode 62 August 20170.559[9]17[9]0.737[19]14[19]
7Episode 79 August 20170.618[10]14[10]0.757[20]11[20]
8Episode 816 August 20170.556[11]19[11]0.728[21]12[21]
9Episode 923 August 20170.568[12]19[12]0.721[22]13[22]
10Episode 1030 August 20170.545[13]19[13]0.690[23]12[23]


Offspring Season 8

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