After system update wireless connection is completely ruined. The 'enable wireless' option is no more visible.

  1. Dell E5440 Driver Pack
  2. Network Controller Driver Latitude E5440 Windows 7

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This is what lshw is yielding.I followed the troubleshooting guide here:, but in vain.

The hardware switch is on and getting detected.


Anirban Dutta ChoudhuryAnirban Dutta Choudhury

1 Answer

I will make the assumption that you have a centrino platform (so an Intel wifi card).
Note: from Dell website, it is possible that this is not the case, depending on the exact configuration you choose for your model.

Dell E5440 Driver Pack

Then try to load the Intel Wireless driver (module):


Now perform again the command sudo lshw -c network.

Do you see the WiFi card now listed?

if yes, add the module to /etc/modules (you can do like this: sudo bash 'echo iwlwifi >> /etc/modules) so that on next reboot the module will be automatically loaded.


Network Controller Driver Latitude E5440 Windows 7

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