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From Mayo Clinic, a leading authority on health and nutrition, comes The Mayo Clinic Diet, designed to be the last diet you'll ever need. In two simple phases, you'll be on the road to a healthy weight for the rest of your life. Packed with lots of extra encouragement — meal planners, recipes, tips for overcoming challenges, starting an exercise plan, and much more — The M...more
Published 2010 by Good Books
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My thoughts...I am going to do this backwards and start with the cons. Actually I should say con, because I see only one problem with the book and that is the title. The Mayo Clinic Diet. I believe the word DIET carries a negative connotation that leaves a bad taste (no pun intended) in your mouth. Also, after reviewing this, I don't believe this is a DIET plan, I believe it to be a smarter way to live your life and manage your health. This is not a rule book saying you have to eat cottage chees...more
Feb 19, 2010Steven Peterson rated it really liked it
“The Mayo Clinic Diet” is subtitled “Eat Well. Enjoy Life. Lose Weight.” The point of the book? The editor-in-chief observes that (Page 6): “’The Mayo Clinic Diet’ isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Using clinically tested techniques, it puts you in charge of reshaping you lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones.”
Part 1 is titled “Lose it!” Here, by following a number of rules, you would lose six to ten pounds in two weeks. What to do? Add five positive habits (
This is the science (plus the tough love art) of fueling one's body, feeding one's mind and fulfilling one's health through nutrition and exercise.
I like the format--I use it a reference work, but then, find myself reading it as a pleasure book. It's news you can use.
The vaunted Mayo Clinic, I wonderfully discovered, is one strenuous and proud not-for-profit outfit. Not sponsored by any pharmaceutical syndicate, big business or health insurance cartel, this 51,000 staff medical practice is a gl
Feb 28, 2010Haley Mathiot rated it it was amazing
The Mayo Clinic Diet (and journal)
by the weight loss experts at Mayo Clinic
Genre: Health, self-help
Rating: 5
The Mayo Clinic Diet is a great book that guides you through a healthy way to loose weight. They focus on changing your eating habits, eating the right amount of the right thing, self control, self motivation, and staying healthy.
The word “Diet” has a bad reputation. People hear it and shutter. I don’t think Diet was the right word to use in the title of this book, I think they could hav
Jun 05, 2013Joshua Concepcion rated it did not like it
I read it for basic nutritional advice, and I expected the venerable Mayo Clinic to produce a high-quality book.
I was wrong. Yes, there is some good nutritional info, but too much of the book is filler. In some areas, it seemed like Dr. Phil was the author. Topics like 'motivation' and 'commitment'--important, yes--were uninteresting. It's stuff we all know. Stick to your goals, stick to the game plan. If I wanted that advice, I would've bought a self-help book.
Simple, practical, doable. Lots of useful suggestions and strategies for making long-lasting lifestyle changes.
Aug 14, 2010Christopher Sears rated it really liked it
Recommended to Christopher by: frustrated dieters
Shelves: nonfiction, borrowed-from-mc-public-library
I admit that I didn't read all of the The Mayo Clinic Diet. However, I did read part one, and enough of the remainder of the book to get what I needed out of it.
The first part of the book has a quick-start plan the authors call 'Lose It!'. Here, the authors lay out a two week program to start losing weight. The plan focuses on changing basic habits, and does not give much focus on the particulars of your eating. This means that you do not have to obsess about every calorie that you consume, but
Every January it seems I seek out the magic of a new diet that will allow me to lose fat, gain muscle mass, grow younger, and be able to leap tall building with a single bound, and other fairly ridiculous goals.

Mayo Clinic Diet Book Walmart

This won't do it.
Oh, yes, the lose fat part - it's a very sensible, balanced approach to food. If I was capable of being sensible and balanced about food, I probably wouldn't need this book!
The fault is entirely my own, though. This is a decent, sensible book that provides>
Brought to me to read after knee surgery. Written by dietitians and doctors I know at Mayo clinic. Healthy way to lose weight. Gives lots of tips to overcome issues that may prevent you from being successful at losing weight. May be a bit difficult diet to follow if you drink lots of milk and eat lots of meat; also, if you don't like fruits and vegetables. However, I know several people who are currently losing lots of weight on this diet. The book contains info about behavior change and exercis...more
Jan 19, 2010Gloria rated it it was amazing
I confess I have read a lot diet/weight loss books over the years and while most have some value, I really liked this approach. Once you have tried every diet 'under the sun' you come to realize, if you admit it, that you simply need to exercise more and eat less and/or smarter. That's pretty much this approach. There is of course practical advice, but the intention is to steer the reader to a new lifestyle for life. The advice boils down to ADD 5 habits, LOSE 5 habits, and APOPT 5 new habits.
Feb 26, 2015Peggy rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
lifestyle change
I can't believe I made it through the Lose It 2 week period. I gave up sugar AND artificial sweetener. Now I have been on the Mayo Clinic Diet for just short of a month and I don't want to even add those things back in. On March 1 it will have been a month and I have already lost nearly 10 lbs. this book is not a real diet, but a healthy lifestyle change. I highly recommend this book.
It's all practical advise, most of which you've heard before, but it's located in one place. The chapters are short and easy to read. They don't use lots of medical terms, it's in plain english. Because it's so easy to read, it's great to have around as a quick refernece or refresher if you've slipped on your diet.
Apr 25, 2013Jason Scoggins rated it really liked it
This is probably one of the better diet books out there. There is nothing new to be learned from this book, and that's what makes it so good: it sticks to the tried and true method of eating less, and moving more. The book is a quick read, and has several actionable steps to get you started right away.
It's the Mayo Clinic so of course it's going to be good.
It covers how to add good habits, eliminate bad habits, and start a new life. I love their information. The layout is great. You can read it like a normal book or you can skip around as your life requires and based on the chart page 59.
It is good for everyone no matter what their needs are. I might have to buy my own copy.
May 03, 2012Sheila rated it it was amazing
This isn't really a diet book, more like a guide to a healthier and happier life. It's definitely a book for people who want to change their lives and not a quick fix for some up and coming event. This plan allows for slip ups and flexibility that doesn't always come with most diets that are to harsh to follow for long.
I found this to be an excellent diet plan for anyone who needs to lose or maintain their weight. Within the book are simple guides, lists and strategies which make shopping for food, planning meals, and overcoming obstacles very straight forward. I also have been enjoying using the companion journal, which tracks diet, activity and habits.
Highly recommend!
This book is easy to read and full of positive strategies, realistic techniques for making healthy choices a way of life. It helped me jump start a weight loss plan and will hopefully stick with me to help me maintain once I get to my body type's ideal weight. I got several easy recipes too!
Mayo clinic diet book walmart
Started to read, then scanned it to finish. Nothing new here....

I love this book! Very well balanced approach to healthy living. I think this may be my favorite diet book so far.
Jan 11, 2019Siobhán rated it it was ok
Honestly I just don't get why people loved this nor why it's so highly acclaimed. It puts forward the same spiel the government does about how to be 'healthy' which, given the state of Americans, I think we can all agree is obviously not working the way it suppose to.
I appreciate that it did at least in the FAQs have a part about overcoming certain obstacles including arthritis, which is something that prevents me from doing what I want more than I'd like, though the entire FAQ section read as v
May 29, 2017Audra rated it really liked it
After reading several books on eating well and taking better care of your health, I would say this is definitely a good book. It touches on most things that I have read and because I just read and never really look to see when it was publishes, it is possible that the Mayo clinic's information was out there first. I highly recommend reading if you're interested in changing your health and lifestyle.
My husband and I have been following this eating plan, and we are losing weight. The eating plan is not a diet. We have eaten only whole grains and unprocessed food for many years, but gradually we have added extra pounds. I think this book just gets the balance back in portions. Food is more than sustenance it must also be palatable. Diets that stress one type of food or a particular food are unsustainable in the long run
Jan 03, 2019Patreesha rated it did not like it · review of another edition
Very disappointing. Noting more than very common knowledge.
Fabulous book with a diet I can follow!
I actually finished this book several weeks ago, but since it is a diet book, how could I rightfully review it without testing out its advice? I need to lose at least fifteen pounds anyway, so what better way to start the process than by doing the Lose It! portion of the book to see just how easy or difficult it is to follow. I have had great success with Weight Watchers in the past, but once I figured out how to fool the system, it stopped working for me. I have tried the Spark diet; I have tri...more
Feb 20, 2017SallyStenger added it · review of another edition
Mayo Clinic Diet. Second Edition. Donald D. Hensrud, M.D. Rochester, Minnesota: Mayo Clinic, 2017. 334 pages. Hardcover.
This is an updated version of the 2010 book. See below for my review of the 2010 book. Very similar, just an update.
I decided to read this book because I want to lose weight and because the Mayo Clinic is highly respected in medicine.
What I get out of the book is that you should eat lots of vegetables. The problem is I don't like vegetables. It says you should eat 5 servings o

The Mayo Clinic Diet
Each new year it seems I am always looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight. I haven't found one, have you? It seems most of my life I've carried some extra weight. I realize portion control is my issue, and the fact I swear I have extra sensitive taste buds :) Everything tastes so very good.
For 2010 The Mayo Clinic Diet struck my fancy when I saw it at the library. I especially liked this book because it is written by a team of Mayo Clinic Foundation experts. The or
May 31, 2014Jennifer Davis rated it really liked it · review of another edition
If you are looking for a quick fix to lose lots of weight really fast, this is not the book for you. There is a quick start plan that is designed to help you lose up to 6-10 pounds in 2 weeks as a jump start to the diet. I really would not call this a diet. This book is more of a way to change your life to become more healthy, with weight loss included. This book is designed not only to help you lose weight, but to keep it off because it is designed to help you alter your life habits. There are...more
Aug 28, 2016Aaron Ash rated it really liked it
I've read or at least skimmed several diet books in the past; this one has the most to recommend it. It is logical, backed by research and easy to follow. For our family the habits in the 'Lose it' phase (first two weeks) lead to demonstrable results. They make sense and are easy to understand, though they require commitment.
The two weeks give one a chance to read the rest of the book, which helps train for a lifetime diet. The principles are well founded make sense and really don't require any
I've learned ALOT about portion control & estimating calories from this book. It made counting calories hassle free. Now I don't have to log each & every bite on My fitness pal, I can simply estimate them & 99% of the time my estimation are even higher than MFP's calories assigned for the same food. For people who were/ are on Weight Watchers & had success, they will like this book.
The diet doesn't deprive you from any food category. It shows you how to eat the right amount from
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