Our video guide on kingroot android rooting tool is a trusted and easy guide for anyone finds English kingroot download and root guide. Credits for Kingroot Download Download kingroot android rooting credits goes to www.kingroot.net:- Chinese KingRoot team for developing and distributing of Kingroot. Kingroot should also be installed in your system, connect your PC and click the root button that is it, your device will be rooted in the blinking of an Eye. How to Root a device using Kingroot As I mentioned above, even a kid would be able to root a device using this tool. Jul 20, 2016 - KingRoot PC is an app for Windows, developed by KingRoot, with the. KingRoot is a root tool for “lazy people” who just want to get root. Author Kingroot Posted on December 18, 2017 August 17, 2018 Categories Android Tags How to root, Kingroot, Kingroot 4.0, KingRoot 5.3.0, Kingroot PC Version, Windows KingRoot Leave a comment on Download Kingroot V5.3.1 – The One-Click Root Tool for Android.

Download Kingroot V5.3.7 – Latest Version

We shared the official and tested version of Kingroot App New Kingroot V5.3.7. Further, If you find older versions like Kingroot 4.0 APK, Now you can get the latest update this APK file. Also, It is more successful with your device.

You can direct download it from the link below:

  • File Name: NewKingrootV5.3.7-C197-B451-en-release-2018-06-19-20180620180829-105203
  • Size: 12.62MB
  • File extension: APK
  • Release on: 2018-06-19
  • Uploaded: 2018-06-20

Why use Kingroot

  • Your Android Utility Can Speed Up.
  • Also, Save battery life
  • However, Easy removal of bloatware

If your Android Device performance bad? Finally, Root your phone to enjoy a faster and enjoyable experience. So, No More Lagging Experience. Rooted your Android devices can access to new better ways to conserve your battery life. Then, enjoy longer and lasting battery on your Android Devices today

KingRoot Old Version: Rooting your android operating system devices like smartphone, tablets, and other devices are all the way simple now. Lots of Android applications are being developed for rooting, and Kingroot is one of the best apps available in the store. There are several advantages available with rooting your device which is not known by many of us. So with KingRoot, you can take advantage of rooting by altering or replacing the system applications and settings. You can easily overcome the constraints provided by your carrier network and hardware manufacturers. Break the administrator-level permissions and perform other operations which are not meant for normal users like running specialized apps and more. With just a tap, you can root your different Android devices without any complicated or risky procedures with KingRoot. Over the year, there are lots of development done in the KingRoot app, and each of them is released as a new version. Right from this article, you will be getting an in-depth knowledge of the KingRoot Old Version and the direct link to download it. It is vital to know what was the previous version features as some of you would love to download it.

With the KingRoot Apk, you are privileged to take full advantage of the device you own. You can personalize and take control of everything that appears on your Android device for a better and smarter user experience. With the KingRoot rooting your device is made simple as you can root your device without the need of a computer. Rooting your phone is much less of an issue now, and all you need to do is to install this rooting app and hit Root. A hit of the button will do everything without a need for any external devices, different menus and complicated options. By rooting, you can keep your device memory clean, get away from the pre-installed apps which you don’t use, install third-party apps, CPU overclocking, custom recoveries, and improve battery life.

There will be some flaws and mistake in one version, and every new update of the KingRoot Apk comes with improvised features, bugs will be fixed. The recent version of the app has undergone several changes as it is built step-by-step according to the user needs and is carefully programmed after years of development. It is a trustworthy software and is extensively tested by the millions of Android operating system users. You can root your devices most easily and safely for free of charges and with no risks involved. KingRoot is simple to use and is a one-click root tool for many devices and thus making it the universal root tool for every Android operating system device.

KingRoot Old Version


  • 3 KingRoot Old Version – Features

Download KingRoot Old Version



Access this link to download Kingroot Old Version.

KingRoot is also available for

KingRoot Old Version – Features

The latest version of KingRoot is the version 5.3.1 and the old version of it is 5.3.0. Get to know about the features of KingRoot 5.3.0.

Kingroot for pc
  • Quickly remove the factory default or pre-installed system applications (bloatware removal) that you don’t need as it cause the batteries run out quickly.
  • With KingRoot installation, you can clear cache data, block autostart apps, enhance battery life and more by installing apps like Purify from the App Drawer section.
  • Purify will also save your RAM to let your device run faster than ever, lets you archive the notifications, and thus KingRoot gives you a clean notification bar.
  • Get superuser privileges to Custom ROM, edit the android system, install applications that require SuperUser Rights, know more about the inside Android and many others.
  • Move apps from internal memory to SDCard when your android device has a small internal memory and clear away all the junk files with a tap.
  • You can perform the unrooting operation easily just by clicking the button in the menu of KingRoot app. So both rooting and unrooting can be done with the minimalism of user operations.
  • KingRoot is totally safe to use as it is well-tested and proved to be a universal Android root software.
  • Back up your smartphone contents like apps and data for seamless transitions with KingRoot.

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