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IELTS provides a profile of a candidate's ability to use is designed to test English at all levels,so there is no such

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thing as a pass or fail.

Results are reported as band scores,on a scale from 1(the lowest) to 9(the highest),as shown below.

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candidates receive an overall band scores as well as individual scores for each test component(listening,reading,writing and speaking).

The level of English needed for a candidate to perform effectively in study,work or training varies from one situation to another. that is why each individual organisation sets its own minimum IELTS score for applicants,depending on specific requirements.

IELTS band scores

9 Expert user


8 Very good user

7 Good user

6 Competent user

5 Modest user

4 Limited user

3 Extremely limited user

2 Intermittent user

1 Non user

0 Did not attempt the test

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How are results provided?

Results are issued just 13 days after the test on a Test Report Form.copies can be sent free of charge to up to five diffrent receiving institution by post or electronically.

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The Test Report Form (TRF) includes a number of security is printed on security-enhanced paper and is authenticated by a center stamp,an IELTS validation stamp and a photograph of the candidate.Institutions receiving Test Report Forms can also checktheir validity by using the free TRF online verifiction service.

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