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PSA: Avoid buying digital codes/DLC online from Gamestop

How To Download Game To Switch From Gamestop 3

I know Gamestop is having a digital sale on their website currently, and like a dummy I bought my girlfriend a code for The Sims 4 Vampires on Xbox One without doing any research on Gamestop's website functionality first. I see now that I could have done a search on Reddit and found a whole slew of negative experiences, but like any reasonable person I thought buying a digital game from a major retailer would be fairly straight forward these days.

After placing the order, I got a notification that a confirmation email was being sent to an email address that isn't on my Gamestop account or on the order info I filled out. It was an AOL email address that seemed to have been pulled from thin air. When I check the order receipt on my GS account, it states at the top that I will receive a confirmation email to the address I have on file, but I never receive anything. I search my spam, my alternate email accounts, everywhere, but I never receive a single email pertaining to this order. I can only assume they went to the random email address it had displayed on the confirmation screen.


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Half an hour after placing the order and I haven't received a confirmation email, receipt, or game code. I see there's an option to check the status of an order on my GS account and look there, only to find that my order is still listed as processing. An hour later and it's the same thing. I decide to get support help but the support portal on the Gamestop website crashes whenever you try to access it. I google a customer support number and am greeted by a recording letting me know there are high call volumes and my call will be answered in more than 15 minutes. A little over a half an hour later, a call center agent answers and takes my order number. After checking in to it she tells me that the order is in a mandatory review period of 24 to 48 hours and would be released after. I'm told I won't be charged until the review is completed and the item released.

I'm pretty surprised to hear I have to wait so long to receive a digital game code. I would have waited to buy it elsewhere during another sale had I known ahead of time, but I guess that's my fault for not looking up Gamestop's online policies. Anyway, I try to bring up the random email my confirmation was sent to and the fact that my actual account hadn't received anything, and she only seemed equipped to confirm my email address on file but lost at how to help beyond that. I agree to wait until the review period is completed.

I refresh my gamestop account pretty often at this point, because I'm feeling bad I had told my girlfriend about the DLC when I placed the order and then had to tell her it was actually going to be awhile. A day later I see that the order status had been changed to canceled. Confused, I decided to call customer support back. During the hour+ wait, I check my bank account for unrelated reasons and notice a new charge from Gamestop for 11.99, which happens to be the exact cost of The Sims 4 Vampires I ordered.

I'm not sure at this point if the order was actually successful or had been canceled, and I don't have any emails to tell me either way, so I explain the situation to the rep who answers. Hector. Hector the Devil. I really do not like Hector. He right away seems disinterested in helping me, and when I tell him I need just a second to grab the order number from the website he tells me he won't wait long. He has a gross attitude throughout, and informs me with absolute surety that the order was canceled, that my bank account doesn't show a charge, and that they aren't going to help me. He tells me that there was a problem with my card and that's why the order was canceled. I let him know that the card must have worked, since I clearly have a charge from Gamestop for the amount of the order. I ask for a supervisor and he tells me no. I tell him I can send a screenshot of the charge in my bank account and he says to take it up with the bank. Before disconnecting I ask for an employee number or way to identify him, and he let's me know again his name is Hector and hangs up. Thanks Hector, that's helpful.

I flagged the charge on my bank account and received an email that it's under review, but haven't heard back yet. I tried calling Gamestop support again since the charge is still on there another day later but gave up after the longest hold time yet. I almost admire the fact that Gamestop can manage to pull off such incompetent and awful 'customer service' in 2018. My mind is boggled.

TLDR: bought a digital code from Gamestop online, 2 days and a few technical problems on the GS website later I have no code but have been charged for it. Spent roughly 3 hours combined time on hold on the phone for absolutely zero customer support. Avoid using Gamestop's website for digital items if you can.

How To Download Game To Switch From Gamestop Free

Edit - I just saw that Amazon is having a digital sale now and bought her the code on there at the same price. I had it instantly and she just redeemed it.

How To Download Game To Switch From Gamestop Store

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