Youku is the biggest online video website in China, in which you can find a tons of videos such as movies and TV series. And also the videos on this site get updated every day. Besides watching online, you may probably download some of them in the hope to play on your computer and portable devices. What's indispensable is a good youku downloader which can save you trouble and time. Wondershare AllMyTube(AllMyTube for Mac) will be the perfect tool to help you download youku videos. It can detect the videos automatically and download videos in a faster speed. What's more, it's very easy to use with only three steps illustrated below.

  1. How To Download From Tudou
  2. How To Download From Tudou
Key features:

• Download videos from Youku, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and 10000+ pupular sites.
• Batch download videos like Youku playlists & channels at High Speed
• Download Youku HD videos (even 1080p HD and 4k videos) and YouTube 3D videos.
• Record pc screen or any video from online websites.
• Download videos 3X faster with task scheduler.
• Transfer video to mobile phone without USB cable.
• Download Youku high bit-rate MP3 in one-click.
• Download and convert videos in one-click.
• Convert videos to 150+ formats for iPhone, android Phone and various multimedia devices.
• A built-in video player to play videos.
• It works seamlessly with common browsers such as chrome, firefox and IE.

How to download video from Youku with the Youku downloader

How to Download Tudou Video on Mac OS X (Mavericks Included) “Potato Net” or more commonly known as Tudou is one of the largest and most popular video-sharing websites in the world. There, people can upload, post, share, and view all sorts of videos much as you would in YouTube.

1. Install the youku downloader

Before downloading videos, you should get well prepared. Download the program first. Choose the right version for your computer and install it on your computer. After installation, you should launch it right away to have a first view of the program itself. This work should be worry-free since the interface of the program is very simple designed for easy use.

How To Download From Tudou

How To Download From Tudou

2. Find Youku videos

Launch the browser. The program can support three browsers as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Enter into Youku web page and find the video you like.

Note: The Youku web page is shown in Chinese, you have to get it translated into English. Here is a good tool—the Google Translate add-on for the four browsers.

3. Download youku videos

Click the video to play. While loading, there is a Download button floating on the top right of the video screen. Click the button, and the program will get the video download right away.

There is also another faster way to download the video. You can copy the url of the video and click Paste Url in the program, in that way the program can also get the information about the video and download it.

How To Download From Tudou

The above is all you need to do while downloading a Youku video. Is it easy enough? Yes, now you can find the videos in the Downloaded category once it finishes downloading. You can also do something about the downloaded videos. For example, you can play them by double clicking and convert them to fit your portable devices by clicking Convert button on the right of the video item. You can even import your videos to the program which can help manage your video files.

Note: iku is a downloading program designed by Youku company. But you have to get registered to use this program first. The program only supports IE browser and mistakes often occur when you want to download the videos.

Tips: Play Youku videos
In view of copyright issue, sometimes when you play Youku videos, this line will appear 'Sorry, this video can only be streamed within Mainland China'. To get around this problem, you need to install an add-on named Unlock Youku in the Chrome browser.

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial below: