1. Free Quran Download For Mobile Pdf

Free Quran Download For Mobile Pdf

Note: This is a BETA release and is still work in progress. More features such as recitation will be added in the future inshaAllah. If you find any issues with the app or would like to provide suggestions, please use Contact Us option available via the menu. Quran Phone is a free, open source Quran application for Windows Phone based on Quran Android project ( There are many features still under development. Please send me your feedback and feature requests and keep all the contributors to this project in your prayers! Quran Windows provides the following features in the current version: - crystal clear Madani compliant images - beautiful and smooth page transition effect - landscape mode for even larger fonts and more comfortable image viewing - bookmarking of an unlimited number of pages and ayah (tap the screen to find the bookmark button) - searching translations - audio recitations are available for downloading with highlighting support - quran dua - translations in many different languages (currently, Arabic Tafseer, English Sahih International Translation, French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish, Transliteration, Bosnian, Russian, Bengali, Kurdish, Somali, Dutch, Swahili, Malayalam, Azerbaijani, Tamil, and Urdu) with more coming soon. The following features are *not* yet available but planned for the future inshaAllah: - ayah tagging, and sharing - audio recitations are available for streaming Because Quran Phone is an open source project, it makes it easy for anyone to contribute and help improve the project. We are also open to hearing your suggestions to make Quran Windows the best Quran application on the market. Change Log: Release 0.4.5 * Bug fixes related to audio

Download Mobile Holy Quran for Windows. Mobile Holy Quran for Windows is, exactly what its name suggests, a software utility designed for Windows based mobile devices to help you read the Holy Quran even when on the move. A wide variety of free download mobile quran options are available to you, such as computer, mobile phone, and portable audio player. You can also choose from mini, portable, and wireless. As well as from 2 (2.0), 3 (2.1), and 4.

Read the Glorious Al Quran (Islam's central religious text) in Arabic Uthmani script with Free access to 40 Coran Translations, Arabic Tafsir, Search Engine & more on you're Windows Phone. Some of the Amazing Features of the App includes:• Arabic Uthmani Script - Read the Quran in beautiful uthmani font specially optimized for the Windows Phone platform.• Free 40 Translations - Get the biggest collection of Quraan translations with Free access to all of them. (This is the first for a Mobile App on Windows Phone)• Translations include: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam & lots more...• Arabic Quran Tafsir - Read the Tafsir Jalal ad-Din in Arabic Language. Access it from the translation selection page.• Advanced Koran Search Engine allows you to:- Search translations in English, French, Spanish, German, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish languages - Use advanced search operators in your search queries- Easily share the verses from you're search results• Organize you're daily Kuran reading with features like:- Bookmarks (continue reading from where you left) - [Requires Pro Version for unlimited use]- Tags (create tags like: Zakat, Fasting etc & save verses to them) - [Requires Pro Version for unlimited use]- Notes (add you're own notes to the verses) - [Requires Pro Version for unlimited use]• Verse by verse audio recitation ( Quran Mp3 ) in 3 different languages: Arabic, English and Urdu/Hindi. (This is the first for a Mobile App on Windows Phone) - [Requires Pro Version]• Advanced Audio features like:- Play, Rewind, Stop and Pause [Requires Pro Version]- Play any verse(Aya) individually or Play the complete chapter(Sura) - [Requires Pro Version]• Share the Quran's Arabic Text & Translation using:- SMS- Email- Twitter- Facebook- Copy• Intelligently Designed Reading Interface that has features like:- View sura/chapter titles in English and Arabic.- Get additional info about any sura with a single tap.- Jump to any verse in the chapter with a tap and a scroll.- Tap 2 scroll feature to allow scrolling with minimum effort.- Quickly change font sizes with couple of taps.- Switch between chapters, translations & recitations with couple of taps.- View the quran reading page in both the Landscape/Portrait modes- View Multiple Translations at the same time.Download Right Now - it's Free!DISCLAIMER: No translation of Coran can be a hundred percent accurate, nor it can be used as a replacement of the original islamic Quranic text. We have tried to provide a set of mostly acceptable quraan translations in this app, but we cannot guarantee their authenticity and/or accuracy. Remember to report to us any mistakes that are found. May Allah (Swt) accept this service from all of us, please remember us in you're Dua