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Info about the back at Anyway, the problem. Also the java download for the mac on the apple forums doesn't work.

[QUESTION] Newbie: Is there any chance to play FTB without curse?


First, I'm a newbie here on FTB. Just figuring things out. Lacking some proper documentation. So please don't kill me. :)

I know, I know, I've seen this question asked but it's archived and old. I know that there is a legacy(?) windows launcher? Maybe? However I'm on a mac, and I would like to setup a Minecraft server with the Regrow map. Maybe that's not even it's supposed to work? I'm not sure.

I thought I'm pretty good at this stuff, yet here I am, trying to figure out how these mods are loaded and work. :D

So the Curse stuff is just horrible. Plus now, it's a Twich Desktop App which is even more terrible. To be honest, I didn't like curse back in the old days when I was playing WoW, and I don't like it now either.

If there is no other way, I'll accept it and won't play these mods. :(

Feed The Beast Download

Feed The Beast Mac Download

EDIT: Hollly Molly. Thanks very much everyone for this massive support. For those who seek: Imma gonna do it by hand on principle, however, I was also totally blind, because below the download button there is a link for osx legacy launcher facepalm which I did checkout and seems well made. Thanks a bunch everyone. Mucho Love to this community. <3


Thanks for any kind of help / aid. Cheers.

Minecraft Feed The Beast Mac Download

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