HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node Disney Interactive Emperor's New Groove 1.0 Save game data location. System Location; Windows game>. Download Brandondorf9999's fixed exe from the WSGF attachment for this game. Open groove.exe with a hex editor such as HxD.

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The Emperor's New Groove is a video game for PC Windows, PlayStation and Game Boy Color that was released in 2000 by SCEA and Ubisoft.


Emperor Kuzco has been transformed into a llama, and he must transform back into a human. He has to get to Yzma and her palace to do that. But he's found himself stuck in a peasant village. The player guides Kuzco through eight levels, each with their own mini-levels, depicted on a map/menu.

He starts in the village, then the jungle at night, the river, the jungle at day, the mountains, the palace, the catacombs, and finally the lab. Upon meeting Yzma, he must race for the potion.


There are also many secrets to be found within the game, each with something that would help Kuzco get Gold Coins.

Throughout the game there are many silver and gold colored coins lying around, which Kuzco must pick up in order to get his Gold Coin (earned by getting all the coins in a single level). Some coins are in enemies, if the player defeats an enemy, they get a coin.

Also appearing in each level, are Wampys which are continues. If Kuzco's five chance life crown is fully red, and he dies, the Wampys make him healthy again, and he replays from his last checkpoint.

Checkpoints are statue-like objects in the game, which, when Kuzco runs through them, and says 'Checkpoint!'. These checkpoints are areas that, upon dying, you start from again.

The amount of lives you have are displayed in a crown-shape above the game screen. The crown has five main areas. Once all are diminished, you start the level over again.


The 'No Touching' rule in the movie applies to Kuzco in the game. Whenever a guard, bug, bird, plant or other creature touches him, he loses a life. He also loses a life if he touches water or falls off platforms into the nothingness. To regain lives, there are full-life refills (large gold crowns) and one-life refills (small red crowns) that help keep the life supply up and running.

Kuzco Idols are red objects that help open doors. To open a door, you must get these Kuzco-Heads. The palace door has a gold Idol. Guards with red helmets carry red idols.

Also, there are potions throughout the game that help Kuzco turn into different animals to get through different obstacles. He can turn into a frog, a turtle, and a rabbit.

Yzma, Kronk, Pacha, Chaca and Tipo, a wise man and a talking bug pop up during the game. Yzma and Kronk don't want you to win but the others give hints on how to play. When the player listens to them, they will help the player on their way to the human potion.

Voice Cast

  • Kuzco: J. P. Manoux/David Spade
  • Pacha: John Goodman
  • Yzma: Eartha Kitt
  • Kronk: Patrick Warburton

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