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Tracks List:
2.Sound/Flow Through (ft. Popcaan)
4.One In A Million (ft. Kanye West)
6.The Grace (ft. Beyonce)
8.Mind Over Matter (ft. Rick Ross, & Future)
10.Hotline Bling
12. 2 Strategical
14.No Need (ft. Lil Wayne)
16.The Vital

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Drake resolved to Views From the 6 world-building at an opportune time, over various stages. His never-endingly imminent fourth studio collection has turned out to be a greater amount of a continuous point of view than a planned venture, venturing into brand purposeful publicity for the OVO supervisor's substitute Toronto in its broadened lifespan.
Perspectives was initially declared in August 2014, a period that now appears to be so inaccessible with regards to Drake news. There was a 'retail mixtape,' an Apple Music bargain, ghostwriting affirmations, a few diss melodies, a second 'retail mixtape' with Future, 'Hotline Bling' madness, Adele craziness wrecking 'Hotline Bling' insanity and keeping Drake from his first No. 1 tune, lastly, Drake getting a No. 1 as Rihanna's lapdog.
It's been difficult to monitor each tease, each track, each tweet that is happened amongst then and now, particularly since it has advanced from a collection rollout into an undeniable conviction arrangement of Drake-isms. Thus this is a thorough Views From the 6 course of events, recording the majority of the little minutes that drove us to the collection's discharge in the not so distant future. (Note: We initially distributed this course of events in March and have subsequent to upgraded it to mirror all progressions up to April 26, 2016.)
06-01-14: Drake indicates that his new collection will arrive the accompanying spring on new tunes '0 to 100/The Catch Up': 'We as of now have Spring 2015 poppin'/PND droppin' … also, me droppin'.'
07-15-14: Billboard uncovers Drake's fourth studio collection will be called Views From the 6. 'The 6' is clearly a moniker for Toronto, instituted by rapper Jimmy Johnson.
08-06-14: Drake clarifies the collection title after some disarray encompassing Rihanna at OVO Fest.
08-24-14: A track titled 'Perspectives From the 6' spills, with verses apparently about Rihanna.
10-25-14: Drake discharges three new melodies, 'What about Now,' 'Warmth of the Moment,' and '6 God,'which — one would have accepted at the time — were connected to Views. Notwithstanding, two of the melodies, 'What about Now' and '6 God,' wind up on If You're Reading This It's Too Late. The third, 'Warmth of the Moment,' is still unaccounted for.
01-27-15: Canadian rapper and OVO partner P. Rule claims he's heard a Drake mixtape.
02-12-15: Drake defers all things Views From the 6 for an online amazement discharge for said mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Too Late. The mixtape proceeds with Drake's continuous Toronto rebrand with tunes like '6 God,' '6 Man,' and 'You and the 6,' or more the 'Know Yourself' slogan, 'I was going through the 6 with my burdens.' All serve as free Views publicizing.
04-16-15: In a profile for the (now ancient) design blog Four Pins, Drake uncovers that he just has two melodies completed for Views that he loves: 'a joint effort with Beyoncé that he recorded a while back' and 'a tune that he hopes to move an outlook change.'
05-21-15: A tune with Beyoncé, 'Would I be able to,' (maybe the one teased above) releases on the web.
07-25-15: Drake discharges 'Energized' on his OVO Sound Radio show because of Meek Mill's ghostwriting charges. The show additionally debuts 'Hotline Bling,' then labeled 'Cha' Remix.
7-29-15: Drake takes after with 'Consecutive,' his second diss in five days, which recognizes the hamburger as a diversion from Views, shutting: 'I just enjoyed a reprieve from Views, now it's back to that.'
09-20-15: OVO Sound Radio debuts Drake's joint effort with Future, What A Time to Be Alive.
09-24-15: In his FADER main story, Drake says that long-term maker Noah '40' Shebib has been as involved with Views as he was for ventures like So Far Gone and Take Care: 'We've grown a ton throughout the years. He used to be the person who might track me in inn rooms at 4 am. What's more, now he is not that person – I have another person who does that ... On the off chance that I need to make the collection I need to make, I need to go get him. I need to run sit with him, and we need to truly invest exertion.' They deserted to — obviously — the 6, where the hints of the city were said in this piece to have propelled them.
09-25-15: In a correlative profile of OVO prime supporters Oliver El-Khatib and Noah '40' Shebib, El-Khatib tells FADER that Views will be an arrival to their recipe: 'We're just truly returning to nuts and bolts and not giving ourselves any feeling of due date. Simply giving it a chance to happen actually. That is the means by which we've generally done it. When it's set, it's finished. In the event that we cherish it, we adore it.'
10-03-15: 'Would I be able to,' highlighting Beyoncé, is discharged in full with some minor changes. No word on position.
10-11-15: According to Spin, amid his featuring set at Austin City Limits, Drake declares that he plans to 'spend whatever is left of 2015 in the studio completing the recording of his much more anticipated up and coming LP Views From the 6.'
11-04-15: A 'the 6 is watching' bulletin goes up in Toronto.
11-11-15: An unapproved trailer for Views makes the rounds on Twitter, energizing bits of gossip that the collection may now be discharged in January.
11-19-15: Drake teases an unreleased tune on Vine, which might be a sneak peak of Views.

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