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There are basically two ways of downloading movies to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7, first download free movies on computer and then transfer to iPhone XS/XS. If you are looking for a guide to transfer videos from PC/Mac to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, or export videos from iPhone to computer, this guide will help. Restore-iPhone-Data Products Center iPhone Android. How to Transfer Videos/Movies from Computer to iPhone 7( Plus) How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone 8/X.


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BitTorrent is a protocol for the transmission of large volumes of data over the internet, and is commonly used for the peer-to-peer sharing of large media files. There are several applications available that utilise the BitTorrent protocol, and any of them can be used to open a 'torrent', a small file that instructs the application how to contact a specific torrent 'tracker'. Once connected to the tracker, the BitTorrent application begins leeching different parts of the same media file from multiple users. When the download has reached a certain percentage, it also starts sharing that portion with other users connecting to the same tracker.
It sounds complex, but really the hardest part of downloading using BitTorrent is locating the correct torrent file for the media you are searching for, be it audio, video, image or software. This can involve spending long periods of time trawling through web-sites, often of a less than reputable nature - testing your patience, or worse, exposing your computer to risk of infection from malicious software.
BitLord takes the sting out of this process by presenting the user with a powerful search facility as part of its clean, intuitive interface. This means you never have to go hunting for obscure torrent files in the backstreets of the internet, saving you time, patience and reducing the threat of malware attacks. Read on to learn how to use BitLord.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

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    Download the installer for BitLord and run the file BitLord_1.2.exe once it has finished transferring to your computer. Follow the on-screen prompts throughout the installation process.

  • Once installation has completed, launch BitLord using the shortcut on the desktop or within the Windows Start menu. The BitLord interface appears after a brief pause and is divided into 3 sections - the search option on the left panel, the download queue in the main window and specific torrent information in the bottom area.

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    In the BitTorrent Search window, click the top search field and enter a keyword to search for, such as the name of a recording artist or film. Press enter to begin searching and presently a list of search results will build in the Web tab.

  • Check through the search results to see if the item you were searching for is present. The results display the name of the file on the left, and in additional columns, the Category (movie, audio, image, etc), Age, Size, Rank, Seeds and Peers. Generally, you should look for the files with more seeds than peers, as seeds are other users who are currently uploading the entire file and peers are users who are only downloading.

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    To begin downloading any of the files in the search results, double click it and it is added to the transfer queue. After a few minutes, BitLord connects to the tracker, which has the IP addresses of all the users currently sharing the file, and begins downloading it. When BitTorrent works at its best, it is simultaneously retrieving different parts of the same file from many users at once, and this is why searching for torrents with a high number of seeds is recommended. Note, that BitLord will automatically begin seeding the file from your computer once you have downloaded a transmittable segment of it.

  • When the download is complete, the progress bar will reach 100% in the queue. Many users leave the file 'seeding' for others at this point, but you can prevent this by right clicking the entry in the list and choosing 'delete torrent'. The torrent is only the file and tracker lookup information, not the media file itself.

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    Check your Program Files/BitLord/Downloads folder - this is where all downloaded files will be located. From here, you can add albums or individual tracks across into your iTunes library by dragging them into the iTunes interface. Once this is done, connect your Apple device and synchronise it and the files downloaded with BitLord will be available on your portable media device.

Tips & Advice

  • Downloading and uploading copyrighted media from the internet is illegal in most countries. Always ensure you use applications such as BitLord to share non-commercial data. By downloading using BitTorrent, you are also uploading to other users simultaneously.
  • Ensure you have anti-virus software running and fully up to date when opening any files downloaded using peer-to-peer applications such as BitLord. Some users intentionally share files infected with malicious software as a means of distribution.
Download Torrent Movies From Computer To Iphone X

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Download Torrent Movies From Computer To Iphone X To Laptop



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