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On macOS and iOS, GarageBand has a loop browser, enabling you to create songs by dragging and dropping pre-made loops to tracks on the timeline. To open the loop browser, click/tap the loop icon in the toolbar. You can search for specific instruments or genres. Drag a loop to an empty area underneath any existing tracks to get started.

More Sounds For Garageband

Download more sound effects for garageband free

Garageband Sound Library Download

Many musicians dismiss loops, but they are useful for building confidence in songwriting, and they can help speed along working on new ideas. Using the occasional loop can add texture to otherwise fully custom compositions, and be handy to jam along with.

Download More Sound Effects For Garageband Download

Apple updates GarageBand with a sound pack store available for free, and Apple says it'll continue to bring more packs to the app over time. Apple today updated its GarageBand music creation software for Mac to introducing new loops, sound effects, drummers, and more, all for.