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World of Warcraft has lost millions of subscribers this year. However, the new Legion of expansion might be able to bring them back.

Blizzard announced several features for the expansion that should make WoW veterans very happy. These features are changes that need to play a long time. They will perhaps enough to get former players resubscribe.
Balancing class players through PvE and PvP in World of Warcraft has been a long struggle for Blizzard. They must ensure that the capacity is useful in dungeons and raids, but not so powerful that it would give the character an unfair advantage in the battlegrounds and arenas. The solution Blizzard in the Legion is to provide a separate PvP talent system. As players earn Honor class, they can unlock special abilities that only work in battlefield and the arena. In addition to the PvP balance easier to achieve, the new system takes the focus on the Honor mill and conquest. Your choice of PvP talents and how you use them will be more important than equipment.
World content specific to the class of Warcraft has always been uneven. In WoW vanilla, Paladins and Warlocks could continue long questlines to get special mounts. Burning Crusade allows druids gain a form of special flight. Many other classes never received such special treatment. legendary weapons, meanwhile, were generally well suited to handle classes but not others. The solution Blizzard in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor was to offer rings and coats that each class could use legendary. However, coats and fuzzy rings differences between the characters rather than making each unique feel.

In the Legion, Blizzard will allow each class earn special weapons called artifacts. Besides being particularly well suited to a character class, these artifacts are mainly based on weapons of Warcraft lore. Shaman can win the weapon of Thrall Doomhammer, while paladins will gain the Ashbringer sword. Players can customize objects so they do not look the same as everyone. These weapons go a long way toward making each class to feel unique.
The Emerald Dream
Blizzard has been teasing the Emerald Dream, a spirit realm inhabited by animals and green dragons, since World of Warcraft launched. Players will finally be able to enter this world through a new raid called Emerald Nightmare. In this 7-boss raid, they face a dark force that has corrupted the dream. The raid ends with a fight against Xavius, a major villain in the tradition of the series. An expansion pack of all centered around the Emerald Dream would probably not work, but it sounds like a perfect setting for a raid.
The command class
It was a pleasure to own and build a garrison in Warlords of Draenor, but the feature had some disadvantages. For starters, it isolates the players to each other. Instead of being in a city with other members of your faction, you were in a fortress by yourself. Legion will try to correct this problem with the class orders, thematic bases shared by all members of a class. For example, Paladins will meet in a fortress under Hope Chapel of Light.

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The class commands also improve the system follower garrison Draenor. Players will now recruit a small group of disciples called Champions. These champions are more customizable and in many cases are established tradition of characters. In addition, you do not just send them on missions. Instead, they are more likely to help you on your own quest. Blizzard really seems to have taken the criticism to heart of the garrison.

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