Tales of Innocence

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Album name: Tales of Innocence
Number of Files: 42
Total Filesize: 147.07 MB
Date added: Feb 24th, 2014
Released on: Nintendo DS

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TrackSong NameMP3
1.Follow the Nightingale ~Game Edit​Version1:333.56 MB
2.The End of a Nightmare, But Still in the​Middle of a Dream1:072.59 MB
3.Creation of Heaven and Earth2:205.35 MB
4.Breaking Through the Encirclement1:233.18 MB
5.The Scene of the Rocking Chair and the​Cat1:443.99 MB
6.Path Which the Wheel Track Continues1:102.70 MB
7.This Advancement Will Not Be Stopped1:443.97 MB
8.Break Through with the Sword1:363.68 MB
9.The Captives1:243.21 MB
10.Death Approaches from Behind1:283.34 MB
11.At the Knees of the Saint1:574.48 MB
12.Chantey of the Iron Rust1:062.53 MB
13.Crush with the Sword2:225.41 MB
14.Picnic in the Cloudy Weather1:182.99 MB
15.Memory of the Music Box1:152.88 MB
16.Waterdrops, Drilling Through Time1:423.88 MB
17.The March of the Departing Shipmen0:572.17 MB
18.Reverse White Waves1:283.37 MB
19.Investigation of Vicissitude2:064.80 MB
20.Gaze Upon the Crimson1:072.54 MB
21.Cross Over the Crimson Lotus1:213.10 MB
22....have a good rest time1:443.95 MB
23.Welcome to the Jungle1:162.90 MB
24.Peer Into the Abyss1:484.13 MB
25.On the Desert Island1:203.04 MB
26.Release with the Sword1:313.48 MB
27.Ideal Weather for a Walk1:042.46 MB
28.Tears of the Perplexed Souls1:182.96 MB
29.The Undeniable Truth0:501.90 MB
30.The Smell of Gunpowder on the Hill1:223.14 MB
31.Discord of Heaven and Earth1:433.93 MB
32.Snow Begins to Fall Outside the Window1:273.34 MB
33.Ruler of the Silver Ridge1:323.49 MB
34.Silver Fox's Dream of Digging Coal in​the North1:283.36 MB
35.Into the Blue Sky1:152.86 MB
36.Sky Fantasia1:303.42 MB
37.Impending Sadness1:524.27 MB
38.The Wind Blows, The Earth Embraces my​Body1:233.19 MB
39.Hymn of the God of Creation1:142.82 MB
40.Approaching the Summit1:142.81 MB
41.Before the Demise2:114.99 MB
42.say goodbye & good day ~Game Edit​Version3:016.92 MB
Total:1h 4m147 MB


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Submitted by xy1154
Rating: 10/10
Thanks a lot for whoever uploaded this!

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