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Exploring WesterosCraft.

Ian and Tom P tour the game's larger worlds in Survival Mode and try not to die.

We import a save and play spot the difference.

Dig a little deeper.

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Minecraft might be the biggest-selling video game of all time now

Emphasis on the word 'might'.


Minecraft's annual MineCon livestream event gets a September airdate

And you can vote on a new biome.


You can explore Minecraft's 10-year history in a massive new interactive in-game museum

Free on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile.


Now you can play a 10-year old version of Minecraft in your browser

The land time for-block.


Looks like Microsoft is teasing a Pokémon Go-style Minecraft game

Notch sure about this.


Nothing can stop Minecraft villagers from invading player beds

Break-in blocks.


Minecraft removes references to Notch

UPDATE: Blocked, on console versions too.


Minecraft players write touching tributes on in-game signs for 'amazing' server owner who died of cancer

'Our hero.'


Extortionists target YouTubers with malicious copyright strike bribes



Minecraft update temporarily enabled wallrunning



That's it for Minecraft updates on Xbox 360, PS3, Vita and Wii U

Ore on your own now.


Hytale is a brand new game from giants of the Minecraft community, backed by Riot

Voxel popularity.


Minecraft competition could put your cat in the game

Winning by a whisker.


Minecraft film delayed as director and writer are replaced

Taken down a notch.


Minecraft's second phase of the Update Aquatic is here

The world's your oyster.


Minecraft's ocean-expanding Update Aquatic is out now on Xbox One and PC

Switch, PS4, and older platforms coming later.


Minecraft's next update is the last for Wii U, Vita, PS3, Xbox 360



Minecraft on PC, Xbox One, Android adds opt-in experimental features

Worth a crack.


FeatureMinecraft's Better Together Update is a mess on console

Progress blocker.


Minecraft's new cross-platform edition launches today, but without Nintendo Switch

Plus, details on which DLC will transfer.


Halo is coming to Nintendo Switch... in Minecraft



Surprise! Minecraft is coming to New 3DS today

But not the old 3DS.


Behold the Minecraft grass block-themed Xbox One S

UPDATE: Exclusive to Argos and Sainsbury's, priced £350.


MineCon ditches real world expo in favour of a livestream

Mojang will host 'Official Minecraft Community Events' instead.


Microsoft really wants you to know playing Minecraft online is safe

Wonder why?


Minecraft's cross-network update now playable in beta

PC, Android and Xbox One players unite.


Sony defends decision to block PS4 cross-play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

'We've got to be mindful of our responsibility to our install base.'


Minecraft is getting cross-platform play

UPDATE: For every platform but PlayStation.


Minecraft getting Adventure Time mash-up pack



Minecraft will patch parrots to protect real-life pets

That'll save a large bill.


Microsoft reveals Minecraft Store with virtual currency

For mobile and Windows 10 only.


Minecraft console editions get free Pilotwings-style mini-game

Winging it.


FeatureBreath of the Wild is a Zelda game for the Minecraft generation

A breath of fresh air.


Minecraft has smashed 120m copies milestone

55m monthly players - and growing.


Minecraft adds textured terracotta blocks

Concrete fact.


An entire 60-80 hour Pokémon game on one Minecraft map



FeatureThe man who dared call educational Minecraft a 'gimmick'

Do games belong in the classroom?


Minecraft wings finally coming to console in December

My heart's aflutter!


Government 'behaviour tsar' isn't a fan of Minecraft: 'We need to drain the swamp of gimmicks'

We're going to build a wall.


World War Z author writing Minecraft novel

Paper plus leather equals book.


Minecraft console editions finally get polar bears, beets and banners

Paid-for Chinese Mythology Pack also announced.


London's burning, London's burning - in Minecraft!

Great Fire history project reaches the all important stage two.


The Great Fire of London - recreated in Minecraft

City museum has lovely educational idea.


Minecraft movie gets a release date... in 2019

'We all want an awesome Minecraft movie, right?' asks Mojang, rhetorically.


Minecraft sales pass the astonishing 100m milestone



Minecraft will no longer allow companies to promote products in-game

But fans can still pay tribute to their outside interests.


A closer look at Lego's new £170 Minecraft set

Ore blimey.


Minecraft will soon host AI players

But human players won't get the axe.


Minecraft update 1.9 has completely changed combat

Shields! Dual-wielding! Beetroot! More.


Microsoft announces subscription-based Minecraft for schools

It's Minecraft: Education Edition.


Huge update inbound for Minecraft console versions

After three years, almost caught up with PC.


Now you can learn code while playing Minecraft

C+ for effort.


It looks like Minecraft is finally coming to Wii U

UPDATE: Listing removed. Will it Nether happen?


Minecraft will change forever with addition of flying cape

Soar point?


Minecraft finally digs into virtual reality with Oculus Rift support

And Notch says 'Neato!'


Northern Ireland's government recreates its country in Minecraft

Ordnance Survey replicates nearly 14,000 square kilometers.


Minecraft movie is being directed by Rob McElhenney

Yes, Mac from It's Always Sunny.


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta announced, free to existing PC players

Upcoming features include dual-wielding, shields, southpaw support.


Minecraft console version update adds stained glass, trapdoors

LittleBigPlanet Mash-up pack coming to PS4.


Minecraft to receive HoloLens support

Oversee your world on your table.


Splatoon has somehow been recreated in Minecraft

We had an inkling it would be popular.


FeatureVideo: Let's Play P.T in Minecraft

Silent Hills lives on. Sort of.


VideoVideo: The world of Game of Thrones recreated in Minecraft

Exploring WesterosCraft.


Minecraft adds female player avatars to all console versions

'Jolly old Steve doesn't really represent the diversity of our playerbase.'


Mojang fix Minecraft vulnerability that allowed players to crash servers

Coder openly details method after waiting two years for fix.


The best PC games

Old and new, this is our pick of the PC games you should play today.


Minecraft free for Northern Ireland secondary schools

Head to the computer block.


MineCon dated for July in London

Tickets go on sale later this month.


Minecraft to receive The Simpsons skins on Xbox

Available in late February for $2.


Minecraft creator Notch bought the most expensive house ever in Beverly Hills

It cost $70m. It has a candy room.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition launches on Windows Phone

Plus, more Xbox-exclusive DLC launched.


Minecraft gets official Dennis the Menace mod

Summon Gnasher, catapult rotten tomatoes, throw stink bombs.


Minecraft gets Xbox-exclusive Star Wars DLC

Luke, you have to Han it to them.


Night at the Museum director tapped to helm Minecraft movie

A Creeper hit.


Minecraft PlayStation Vita release date finally announced

PC version's Horse Update now headed to all consoles.


Doctor Who Minecraft pack launches today for Xbox 360

But what about PlayStation?


Download Game Minecraft Jalan Tikus 1

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is coming to retail a month after its PS4 brethren

At least in North America.


What next for Minecraft on PlayStation?

Microsoft and Sony find themselves in a curious position.


Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

Vows to support iOS, Android and PlayStation versions.


Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

UPDATE: Notch initiated buyout and will leave once complete, source says.


Destiny's Tower hub recreated in Minecraft

I'd Traveller.


VideoVideo: Watch us play Minecraft: Xbox One Edition at 5pm BST

Ian and Tom P tour the game's larger worlds in Survival Mode and try not to die.


VideoVideo: Minecraft PS4/Xbox One compared with PS3/Xbox 360

We import a save and play spot the difference.


Minecraft Xbox One release date confirmed

UPDATE: Available now on PlayStation 4 - and on Xbox One for £115!


Minecraft's latest PC update has taken nearly a year to develop

Adds new items, enemies, dungeon type. Plus rabbits.


British Geological Survey recreates Great Britain in Minecraft

All you need is a copy of the game and 6GB of disk space.


Minecraft PS4 technical issues cast doubt over August release date

'We're fixing, but we need to go through the process again.'


New full-size Lego Minecraft range revealed

Nether thought we'd see the day.


Minecraft's console versions have now outsold Minecraft on PC, Mac

Nearly 54m sold. PS4, Vita, Xbox One editions still to launch.


Notch defends Minecraft dev Mojang from 'worse than EA' claims

After EULA change clarifies position on paid-for mods.


Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One expanded draw-distance shown off

See further than on PS3 and Xbox 360.


Minecraft maker Notch clarifies 'Mojang to disband in 10 years' reports

'From the day we don't make a profit, we'll survive another 10 years.'


Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One won't have 'infinite' PC worlds


'But a lot bigger than PS3/Xbox 360.'


Minecraft PS3 worlds will transfer to PS4, possibly Vita

UPDATE: Phil Spencer confirms 360 to Xbox One transfers.


Minecraft: PS3 Edition getting disc-based launch next month

UPDATE: PlayStation 4, Vita box art also spotted.


Watch The Simpsons' Minecraft-themed intro

Notch: 'I'm not sure how I feel about it.'


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition sales hit 12m

Candy Texture Pack announced.


Notch: cancelled Minecraft for Oculus Rift would have been free

Was designed to promote virtual reality.


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition TU14 arrives today

Update live for PS3 version tomorrow.


Minecraft dev Mojang made £200m last year

Notch earns £77m in licensing fees.


Warner Bros. working on Minecraft movie

Progress unblocked after Lego Movie success.


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition update will add trading, anvils, carrots

But still no horses.


Someone is building Spirited Away's entire world in Minecraft

Anime be one of the best creations we've seen.


Minecraft's one-click Twitch integration is now live

On PC and Mac anyway.


Minecraft 360 dev working to allow save transfers to Xbox One

'Can't say it'll be there until it's 100 per cent working.'


The Minecraft documentary is officially free on YouTube

By the documentarians behind the Broken Age and Mighty No. 9 videos.


Minecraft PS3 Edition will arrive before next-gen versions

And any further updates to Xbox 360 Edition.


Ordnance Survey maps Britain in Minecraft

UPDATE: Watch Ian explore the OS map and mispronounce things.


Minecraft: Mass Effect mash-up DLC arrives tomorrow

More than skin deep.


Minecraft confirmed for PlayStation 4

UPDATE: And PS3, and Vita.


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition title update 12 changes detailed

Cats! Jungle! Texture Pack support!


Minecon 2013 tickets go on sale tonight

Next batch on Friday, then the last batch Saturday.


Putt-Putt sues Mojang over user-generated maps

'[It's] like suing Microsoft for what people do using Word.'


FeatureHave traditional MMOs had their time?

And what do we make of the shared-world games and MOBAs that have risen up to replace them?


Minecraft Xbox 360 saves won't transfer to Xbox One Edition, Microsoft says

UPDATE: 'Stay tuned', Microsoft's Phil Spencer teases.


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition boxed release dated

Coming 28th June, with 48-hour Gold subscription.


Subscription service Minecraft Realms will let you host worlds online for friends

Mojang says it could make more money than game sales.


Mojang to consider Minecraft for PlayStation once Microsoft exclusivity ends

But Wii U is 'very unlikely'.


Notch talks about the $101 million he earned in 2012

'It's weird as f***.'

ImageDownload Game Minecraft Jalan Tikus

Minecraft maker Mojang: 'There are simply no good ways to forecast how much money we are going to make'

'It's almost hard to grasp.'


A Game of Thrones' King's Landing remade in Minecraft and it is amazing

For Tywin!


Minecraft: The Story of Mojang review

Dig a little deeper.


Minecraft XBLA outsold Minecraft PC in 2012

Absolutely bonkers success.


Free Xbox Live screening of Minecraft documentary on Saturday for Gold members

Mojangle bells.


Mojang makes bespoke Minecraft for the scrumptious Raspberry Pi

It's free and allows you to code direct to game world.


FeatureMinecraft, architecture and the trouble with children

From the archive: A tale of trouble and Le Corbusier.


FeatureLearn to Play: Minecraft in the classroom

Eurogamer discovers how a New York school is using games for good.


Minecraft 1.4.1 patch fixes 'wet wolves looking way too scary'

Mojang completely misses the point of Halloween.


FeatureAn audience with Syndicate

How a regular northern teen became a YouTube gaming sensation.


Minecraft documentary due in early December

Molyneux: 'It's far better than a god game or any game I've done.'


Notch refuses to certify Minecraft for Windows 8

'I told them to stop trying to ruin the PC as an open platform.'

Download Chrome Jalan Tikus


The Empire Strikes Back's Hoth battle recreated in Minecraft video

More Star Wars maps on the way.


FeatureMineZ: Zombie survival, Minecraft-style

The discerning player's choice.


Claustrophobic Minecraft experiment sheds light on the dark side of human nature

30 players spend two months confined to a tiny map. It doesn't end well.


Witcher 2, Battlefield 3, Minecraft dominate European Games Awards

Euro visionaries.


MineCon 2012 will be held at Disneyland Paris

Quick, recreate it in-game!


2K Games boss says photorealism aids diversity, Notch disagrees

Can games do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain yet?


Steam on GNU/Linux: Do non-free DRM games defeat the point?

GNU creator says it's 'unethical', but that pros outweigh the cons.


Mojang was collaborating on a now cancelled first-person shooter

Wishes to stay 'as independent as possible.'


Minecraft reviewed by US late night talk show host Conan O'Brien

'This looks like a world if you have glaucoma.'


Steam hardware survey shows rise in lower-end PCs

A sign of things to come?


Uniloc founder hits back after Minecraft fans vent fury in 'disgusting' emails

'I am not a patent troll.'


'Software patent troll' sues Mojang over Android version of Minecraft

'If you own a software patent, you should feel bad.'


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition notches up 3 million sales

Something to build on.


Astounding Game of Thrones recreation in Minecraft

WesterosCraft is coming.


Minecraft getting 40 new character skins as DLC

Includes 'Splosion Man and Trials costumes.


Minecraft 1.3 update release date announced

Includes a 'huge' number of changes.


Minecraft Xbox 360 users build Old Trafford replica

Dedicated fans reveal impressive goal.


Minecraft total sales hit 9.2 million

PC version creepers up to 6 million.


New Minecraft XBLA content incoming

1.8 adventure update 'will be the most difficult', says 4J.


Minecraft threatens Call of Duty domination on Xbox Live chart

Mojang hit has more players than FIFA, Battlefield, Halo, Skyrim.


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition breaks 1 million sales

In less than a week.


Minecraft-themed alcohol shots created by Cornwall bar



Creative Assembly talking to Notch about being in Total War

Via motion capture, apparently.


FortressCraft sales top 750k on XBLIG

1 million mark within reach for controversial world-builder.


Minecraft revenue totals $80 million since launch

While registered users pass the 25 million mark.


Notch planning sandbox space game inspired by Elite, Firefly

Development strategy will likely mirror Minecraft model.


Notch: EA's Origin is a good thing

'I find the idea of one platform a bit scary.'


Notch: trying to follow Minecraft could prove 'pointless and hollow'

Markus Persson on coming to terms with fame, fortune and an uncertain future.


Alleged LulzSec leader Sabu helps US government arrest hackers

'He didn't go easy.'


FeatureProteus Preview: A Musical Odyssey

In a beautiful place out in the country.


VideoMinecraft 1.2 update out now

Jungle biomes! New bricks! More sky!


Mojang hires Bukkit server-mod team to make official Minecraft API

API now?


Humble Bundle Mojam raises nearly $500k for charity

Mojang makes Steampunk Egyptian themed RTS shoot em' up.


FortressCraft creator rejects Minecraft clone claims

Attacks Mojang, Notch in new Eurogamer interview.


Minecraft maker Mojang making new game this weekend for charity

In the Peter Molyneux genre?


Notch can match Schafer's $13m Psychonauts 2 budget valuation

'I can do that.'


Mojang won't sue FortressCraft dev, 'bored' by Minecraft clones

'They don't bring anything new to the table.'


Mojang: no plans for Minecraft on Vita

But Scrolls 'definitely coming for touch screens'.


VideoMinecraft fan series gets cinematic trailer

Top stuff from Hat Films.


World of Warcraft universe recreated in Minecraft

Every single continent and dungeon chiseled out.


Notch offers to fund Double Fine's Psychonauts 2

'Also, I'm serious.'


Notch asks permission to spy on your Minecraft habits

Mojang wants to add player tracking feature.


Notch: Mojang isn't really 'indie' any more

He's hardly strapped for cash.


Minecraft jungle biome, creatures coming soon



Minecraft hits 20 million users, 4.66 million sales

Keeps building and building.


VideoMinecraft 1.1 update trailer

Mojang shows off a raft of new features.


Minecraft 1.1 update out now

Apples, egg spawning, dynamic sheep added.


Epic reveals Minecraft inspiration for Fortnite

Gears of War maker looking for a publisher.


Notch steps down as lead developer of Minecraft

'Personally, I will now rest for a while.'


Massive Minecraft user statistics revealed

A mere 292 million log-ins a month.


VideoBehind the scenes of Minecraft video

A day of coding with creator Notch.


'Finished' Minecraft out this Friday

But Notch promises to keep adding to it.


Minecraft gets iOS release

Pocket Edition hits the App Store tomorrow.


Minecraft Easter egg spotted in Skyrim

Bethesda hides cheeky nod to trademark adversary.


VideoOfficial Minecon 2011 trailer

Las Vegas Minecraft meet 18-19th November.


VideoMinecraft trailer competition detailed

Win a spot in the official Minecon vid.


Minecraft XBLA delayed until Spring 2012

Console port makes playable debut at MineCon.


VideoMinecraft dev talks Scrolls lawsuit

Notch: 'Embarrassing for all of society'.


FortressCraft maker discusses Minecraft

Calls out 'The Notch Defense Force'.


Minecraft 1.9 introduces Snow Golems

Friendly mobs help against Endermen.


VideoMinecraft 1.8 Adventure Update trailer

Now with significantly more adventure!


Notch: Why Minecraft isn't on Steam

'We don't want to limit what we can do.'


Notch wades into Ubisoft DRM debate

Always-on internet 'encourages piracy'.


Notch challenges Bethesda to Quake 3

Wants to settle lawsuit this way.


VideoMinecraft Pocket Edition for Xperia Play

A mobile exclusive?


VideoMinecraft on Xperia Play footage

Another platform notched up.


Notch: is Bethesda doing a Langdell?

Minecraft man responds to lawsuit threat.


Bethesda lawyers threaten Notch

Allegedly infringes Elder Scrolls trademark.


Minecraft convention Minecon announced

In Vegas on November 18th, 19th.


Minecraft passes 10 million users

Another milestone Notched up.


Latest Minecraft patch goes live

Full adventure update also incoming.


Minecraft Xbox 360 developer revealed

Perfect Dark XBLA's 4J Studios.


Minecraft notches 2.5 million sales

Release date of final version may be moved.


Huge Minecraft patch goes live

Craftable maps, dynamic mushrooms added.


Minecraft mobile for Xperia Play first

Indie blockbuster's Android, iOS plans.


VideoPortal mod for Minecraft footage

Cube-based sandbox gets a companion.


Minecraft 1.5 update goes live

Weather, achievements, more added.


VideoMinecraft trailer shows latest upgrades

Achievements! Snow! Rain! Stats!


Minecraft gets official release date

Indie phenomenon to finally leave beta.


Minecraft earns £20 million in revenue

Notch: 'I try not to look at it.'


Molyneux picks his game of the decade

Minecraft 'a complete work of genius'.


What next from the man behind Minecraft?

Notch has three concepts ready to go.


VideoMinecraft video shows glass volcano

7169 blocks in the making.


Minecraft man: 'Piracy is not a theft'

'There is no such thing as lost sale.'


Minecraft dev's new game is Scrolls

A fantasy, card-battling game.


MineCraft documentary needs your cash

Pledge enough, get a mounted pickaxe.


Minecraft hitting iPhone, iPad

Officially, this time.


VideoMinecraft fan creates Halo re-make

Bit trippy.


Love to help improve MineCraft graphics

Totally Swede.


Minecraft builds over 1 million sales

Notch another success story.

Download Game Minecraft Pe Jalan Tikus


Minecraft enters beta, gets storyline

'Non-intrusive narrative' to be added.


Minecraft dev explains sales transparency

Releasing figures makes you 'genuine'.


VideoEG readers build new York Minster

Largest UK cathedral now on Minecraft.


Minecraft hit by DDOS attack

Might have been targeted by grumpy fans.

Jalan Tikus Office


VideoMinecraft welcomes you to Rapture

BioShock world meticulously recreated.


FeatureDigging for Victory: Minecraft Explored

A look at the indie game phenomenon.

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Let your imagination fly and build your own world in Minecraft!

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a well made and challenging multiplayer action game!

Text Twist

Word game lovers and Boggle fans will enjoy the educational fun found in Text Twist 2!

Big Fish Casino

Play Online Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Roulette and the Slot Machines for Free!

Pocket Tanks

Choose Your Weapons, Aim Your Guns, And Eliminate Your Enemy!

Open Yahtzee

Test Your Luck and Strategy in This Classic Dice Game!

World of Warships

Slow and Steady Wins the day in World of Warships


The Most Popular Board Game Ever Created - Cool Animated Graphics & Customizable Rules!

Dig Dug

Here is the Exact Arcade Version of Dig Dug!

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Create Your Very Own Amusement Parks With This Excellent Simulation!


The Official Version of the Classic Arcade Game!

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

Possibly the Greatest Puzzle Game Ever Created!

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Creative Destruction Bumblebee

In Creative Destruction, you will embark on a winner-takes-all slugfest and show'em what you could be.

Life After

LifeAfter is a mobile MMO about surviving a zombie apocalypse

Marvel Battle Lines

Plunge into MARVEL Battle Lines. As Super Heroes & Villains unite in this fast paced action card game

Cursed Words

Use your impressive word skills to outwit your opponent


Engage up to 100 other players in a battle for survival.

Word U

Spell Good, Spell Hard, and Spell Fast!

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Mix, match and crush candy with all your friends.

Cubis Kingdoms

Match the Cubes, Gather the Elements, and Save the Kingdom!

GhostBusters World

Play Ghostbusters World to Bust and Collect Ghosts in AR

Jewel Quest Seven Seas

The ultimate Jewel-matching adventure is hitting the high seas

Cyber Hunter

Play Cyber Hunter and enjoy the next big battle royale game on mobile


BirdsIsle for iOS is your next match-three puzzling obsession

Download Game Minecraft Pc Gratis

Happy Glass

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Play Helix Jump and see how far you can fall down this tall and ever-changing tower labyrinth.

Love Balls

Play Love Balls and use your drawing skills to unite every star-crossed lover in this challenging physics-based puzzler.

Kleptocats 2

Decorate your house with your pets and their stolen goods.

Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action!

Fulfil your dreams and join the movie industry!

Golf Clash

Go golfing with friends and strangers alike.

Stickman Soccer 2018

An easy-to-grasp arcade form of soccer with touchscreen led controls


Defeat Your Enemies with the Power of Your Spells and Your Spelling!

Hero Hunters

Go to War with Your Squad of Personally-Trained Soldiers!

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Knead that Dough and Apply those Toppings in this Pizza-Making Simulator!

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Royal Detective: Borrowed Life Collector's Edition

These are no ordinary statues... Find out in Royal Detective: Borrowed Life Collector's Edition

Redemption Cemetery: Night Terrors Collector's Edition

Stop the Night Terror virus! In Redemption Cemetery: Night Terrors Collector's Edition

The Great Empire: Relic of Egypt

Claim the victory that is yours as the leader of the great empire! in The Great Empire: Relic of Egy


Challenge Your Mind with Virtual Puzzles! Enjoy Colorful Puzzles in 3D with Dotsee

Pixel Art 8

Pixel Art is back again with the next exciting chapter in the Pixel Art Series! Pixel Art 8!

Edge of Reality: Lethal Predictions Collector's Edition

These tragedies are no accident... Find out in Edge of Reality: Lethal Predictions CE

Grim Tales: Graywitch Collector's Edition

Your friend's in the past! Help them in Grim Tales: Graywitch Collector's Edition

Road Trip USA

Enjoy a Classic Hidden Object Game in Road Trip USA

The Chronicles of Robin Hood: The King of Thieves

Help Robin Hood and the Merry Men in their quest to take down the Sheriff of Nottingham!

Adventure Trip London

If you love adventure, then this game is just for you. Take an Adventure Trip: London!

Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition

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Meadow Story

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Angry Birds

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Angry Birds Space

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Bad Piggies

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Angry Birds Seasons

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Action & Shooter

Reflex based games focused on fighting and combat


Games that involve taking care of animals or animals as main characters.

Business Simulation

Games focused on improving a business financially through good decisions.


Fun learning games for kids from preschool on up!

Hidden Object

Find a list of objects or clues hidden in a larger picture or scene.

Just for Fun

Just for fun games for kids (and kids at heart).

Match 3

Move or launch objects on a grid to match 3 or more. Simple and popular.

Misc. Puzzle

Variety of creative and unique puzzle games that don't fit in other categories.

People Simulation

Manage the lives of people in various situations and help them succeed!

Real Time Strategy

Real time strategy games make you plan while the action is happening!


Games where the main goal is to shoot lots and lots of stuff!

Sports Simulation

Games that bring the fun of competitive and hobby sports to your computer!


Emphasizing strategy and thinking over fast reflexes

Task Management

Handle multiple tasks at once like customer service or pet care. Fast paced.

Various Simulation

Games that simulate real life from driving vehicles to politics and much more.

The DFG Difference

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Our site is about all kinds of free games to download whether they be time limited shareware, level limited demos or freeware games with absolutely no restrictions at all. We want you to be able to experience high quality game play without having to pay before you play.

Every Game is Legal

Here at DFG, we don't propagate illegal downloads, warez, or pirated software. That's theft and we are strongly in favor of supporting individuals and companies that work hard and spend money to create games. We only present to you 100% legal games that are made available as free demos or made completely free by the owners of the games. You can rest assured that you aren't breaking any laws downloading any of the games from our site.

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The trend for many download sites these days is to include all sorts of extra software with a game download in order to make money. We don't believe in doing that. We believe if you make the choice to download a game, you are choosing to download that game and not a bunch of software you don't want. We work hard at this principle and have removed games in the past when we found out software owners decided to include additional software in these games you didn't ask for. We would rather have your trust than a few extra bucks to sneak in stuff you don't want.