Yo Gotti is intent on building his label within the confines of his hometown, as last week he officially signed buzzing Memphis rapper MoneyBagg Yo, who has now joined a CMG roster that also includes Blac Youngsta and Snootie Wild. Gotti confirmed the partnership by presenting MoneyBagg with a large money bag filled with many smaller money bags; the off-the-books signing bonus was said to amount to 200 large. They celebrated the deal by teaming up on 'Doin 2 Much,' and today, on Halloween, the boss has joined his new signee for an entire mixtape, entitled 2 Federal.

Blac Youngsta Gang Affiliation

Blac Youngsta Late Video Download. CMG rapper Blac Youngsta continues to promotes his 2.23 project by following the “Booty” remix with an official music video for. [Intro: Blac Youngsta] Yeah yeah yeah bitch, ho You-you-you should've minded your business, lil bitty bitch Give no fucks, nigga Go against the- go against the- go against the gang nigga. 'Gang Gang' (feat. Blac Youngsta) [Blac Youngsta:] Yea yea yea bitch, hoe You should've mind ya business lil bitty bitch Ion give no fuck nigga Go against, go against, go against a gang Nigga you'll get ya motherfuckin ass kid napped bitch Bitch Ya mammi hoe, bitch.

With 19 tracks in total, Gotti and MoneyBagg handle basically all of the raps on 2 Federal. Though the second track is called 'No Features,' there is one guest spot reserved for Blac Youngsta on 'Gang Gang.' Producers on the tape include Karltin Bankz, Ben Billions, 808 Mafia, and a somewhat surprising choice in Private Club's K Swisha, who is credited on three tracks.

Blac Youngsta Gang Gang Download

Blac Youngsta On Sight

Is 2 Federal a promising start to MoneyBagg's tenure at Cocaine Muzik Group? Let us know your favorite tracks in the comments.