1. Amd Fx 990 Chipset Drivers
  2. 990fx Chipset Drivers

Ran Raid on an Intel chipset & AMDs older chipsets for years. Never had issues til now. I've been running raid since the 80s & have never has this issue before.

When I run setup.exe all I see is the AMD USB Filter Driver. I'm assuming the SB7xx and SB8xx are south bridge drivers, but my Southbridge is SB950. The AMD SATA controller, right click and click on 'Update driver'. Upgrading the driver of the AMD AHCI Compatible RAID controller to the recommended 3.2.1540.92 version helps in such situations. Alternative solution In the worst case, you may try to install the 'Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller' driver. Aug 9, 2012 - There is a USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver V2.0.4.0 for Windows 32/64bit. When I installed the motherboard drivers for my AMD970 & SB950.

Amd Sb950 Usb Controller DriverAmd sb950 usb controller drivers

and FYI I work in the IT industry & used to work for a major PC manufacturer. I've probably installed windows/Linux/iOS more times than I will ever care to remember. FYI I setup/configured/installed OS' on more raid than non raid. So if business is using it. There must be a reason right? Cause it works.

Using this exact hardware on Intel it setup w/ease & was screamin fast. I just wanted to go newer than my i7 930 that is 6 years old now.

It's not really a windows issue other than AMD doesn't have a signed WHQL driver that will work. They probably know they can't get it to work. Thus, nothing has been done about it since 2013.

Amd Fx 990 Chipset Drivers

This rig runs adequately with the single SSD, but I don't like having a SSD sit here. Doing nothing. It will run raid, just not on this raid controller.

990fx Chipset Drivers

Other than that thanks for offering zero help & bumping up your post number ...