The fourth area is the plant that the transmission was manufactured in. It is one letter. The fifth line in the code is the serial number of the transmission. If the serial number is ground off it's likely that it was rebuilt by GM at some point.

700r4 Transmission Identification Codes


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Feb 2, 2018
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I have a 700R4 automatic transmission in my Willys wagon, mated to a Pontiac, LT1 350 cu in engine. That all bolted together fine. However, I cant seem to find a dust cover that fits over the flywheel and flex plate. Upon tracing the serial number on the transmission I find it is a truck version, which I understand is slightly beefier than the car version.
Does anyone know where I can find a dust cover to fit my truck version tranny? The car version is a little too shallow to fit up over the flywheel, and that is all the auto parts stores seem to have. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
- Denver
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Dont know if this is the correct spot for this... I pulled my trans to rebuild (3-4 cluches smoked, suprise...suprise) 4l60e out of a 1996 yukon 4x4 to find that it look like it may be a bone yard unit I have been trying for hours to find somewhere to decode the numbers so I know what it came out of....Case Stamped is 6KCD027N.... also there is a 0868 listed where it says Toledo on the bell housing sticker and the full number on the sticker is 616KCDY16409404

Can someone tell me what year and when it was built and model it came out of ?

How To Identify A 700r4 Transmission

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700r4 Serial Numbers